Las Vegas

Life After Death


In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the owners of the Mandalay Bay Resort and casino are now trying to determine what will become of it's 32nd floor.

About two weeks ago Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of people at a music festival from his room in the Mandalay Bay after breaking out the windows with a hammer. Now casino owners are wondering what to do with the room and the entire floor.  read more »

A New Vegas


Spending your days connected to the latest video game could start paying off.

Nevada is on the edge of what could be a whole new world of casino experiences. It seems the powers that be in Vegas are drawing up arcade style video games that would pay out winnings based on your high score.

The idea is aimed at the generation of people who have been raised on Xbox, PlayStation and apps. Gaming experts say these people don't get much of a thrill sitting at a slot machine or blackjack table. So to bring in the high tech crowd they are looking at games that involve shooting down aliens or mastering the art of war. The higher your final score the more you win.  read more »

The Tao Group


The economy is turning around and the entertainment industry is eating it up.

Bill Bonbrest is COO for the Tao group. The restaurant and nightlife company operates more than 20 locations in New York, Las Vegas and Sydney. He says 55 million tourists are expected to come through New York this year alone.

“We have to pay attention to delivering the best guest experience we can but that’s true in any industry, you have to be the best at what you do and we come at it with a lot of passion to do our best.”

Bonbrest says one of the things helping the industry is the growing relationship between hotels and food and beverage operators. He says these days’ people aren’t just booking a hotel for the room.  read more »

The Main Event


Sports history is being made this weekend; and not just because of who's in the ring.

Since 2008 fans of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have been calling for a match between the two fighters. This weekend the two are finally going toe to toe in an event that will break every revenue record previously set.

When all is said and done the main event is expected to bring in at least $400 million. Sixty percent of those profits will go to Mayweather and the remaining 40 to Pacquiao. $74 million is coming from the sale of 15,000 tickets that haven't already been set aside for important clients and high rollers of the casino and both boxing camps.  read more »

Betting on Vegas


Las Vegas is getting a little more sinful.

In another sign that we can once again gamble on the country’s economy two major Las Vegas resorts are being overhauled. Caesars entertainment is investing $223 million in The Quad. An aging 2,000 room hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

In addition to that the timeshare company Westgate resorts has purchased the building formerly known as the Las Vegas Hilton. It plans on converting 200 of the nearly 3,000 rooms into time shares. The rest will remain open to regular hotel guests. The LVH was best known as the home away from home for Elvis Presley. His 58 show series broke Vegas attendance records and he set up his own penthouse in the hotel.  read more »

Love Cloud


Joining the mile high club just got a little more laid back.

Love Cloud is a new business offering a special service high over the streets of Las Vegas. For $800 couples can spend 40 minutes on a private plane decked out like your personal love shack. Instead of seats it features a large bed, sound system and mood lighting.

Couples can bring food, drink or anything else needed to enhance the experience on board. And to keep things private the cabin is separated from the pilot by a curtained door; plus he will be wearing noise canceling headphones.  read more »

Wearable Devices


You are what you eat; but now what you wear is providing a lot of information as well.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm and Sony unveiled a number of new gadgets that you can snap, fasten or buckle to your body. And to make them even more appealing these models are easier to use, have an extended battery life and tap into the powers of gestures, social networks and cloud computing.

One device is called the Fit-Bit force activity band which tracks a wearers steps, calories burned, sleep patterns and fitness level. It's just one of multiple devices designed to target people chained to a desk who are watching their waistlines.  read more »

A New Jackpot


When it comes to Vegas the house is still a big winner; but not on the casino floor.

A new poll by the national gambling lobby found that the Las Vegas clubs are over shadowing the casinos. According to that same poll 26% of people would trade the slot machine for the disco ball.

Right now sin city has 21 of the country's 100 most profitable nightclubs. And seven of those are in the top ten; pulling in more than $25 million a year. And with people forgoing a night of gambling for a couple turns on the dance floor; casinos need to keep up.

Besides DJ’s clubs are also hiring lighting directors and sound technicians. Others are giving out 3-D glasses at the door and timing confetti canons to explode at the climax of whatever song happens to be playing.  read more »

Late Night Nuptials


Denny’s has arrived in Las Vegas; and its 24 hour menu is offering a little bit extra.

Earlier this week the late night diner opened on historic downtown Fremont Street. And aside from getting your fill of fried food, Vegas customers will receive a meal with a side of wedding vows.

The company decided that a regular Denny’s would not cut it in Vegas; so this one features a wedding chapel and photo booth.

And if you come for a little holy matrimony, your package includes a meal of bacon, peanut butter and bananas between French toast and a bacon vodka chaser. But don’t rush to line up and exchange vows just yet.  read more »



Vegas is facing a little competition when it comes to tying the knot.

If you’re in a hurry to make the ultimate commitment skip the wedding chapel and look for Autowed; the one stop shop for a quick ceremony.

Produced by the English company Concept Shed, Autowed will link you and your loved one for just $1. The eight foot tall pink machine features wedding music and a robotic voice that will officiate your wedding.  read more »