larry baer

Play Ball


This year’s opening pitch is about to cross the plate and fans can hardly wait.

Larry Baer is President and CEO of the World Series winning San Francisco Giants. I recently talked to him about the evolution from sport to business and how the last 20 years has impacted the game.

“You drew one million fans you were probably going to more or less break even. Now you have to get to three million. The good news is that the sport has evolved so there’s something in it for everyone.”

Baer says the fans are his most important clients and if the spring training crowds were any indication fans are ready to pack into stadiums. And he’s ready to make sure they enjoy every moment of every game no matter what the final score is.  read more »

Filling the Stadium

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When it comes to baseball; the most important people are not always on the field.

Larry Baer is President and CEO of the San Francisco Giants. A team that has won two World Series rings in the past three years. And while the franchise appreciates a win Baer says baseball has become a brand and his customers need more than just a winning season.

“The fans that come here, the clients that come to this ballpark we want to give them a good experience with everything we can control.”

Baer says this means filling the stadium with good food, friendly staff and a lasting experience. Baer says regardless of the final score every fan should go home happy.  read more »

The Business of Baseball


Baseball might have a six month season but for some players the game never stops.

“This is a business that is getting bigger and bigger and is really many different businesses all rolled into one.”

Larry Baer is the CEO and owner of the World Series winning San Francisco Giants. Baer says winning games is the primary business but he is also in the entertainment, customer and community service business. Baer says over the past 20 years the sport has evolved and there is something in it for all types of fans to enjoy. This helps organizations fill stadiums and bring in three million fans a season; especially because the competition is not only on the field.  read more »