Slow Cooked Fast Food

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Fast food companies are taking consumers behind the scenes to reveal just how fast their food really is.

Most people assume when they pull up to a drive thru window their burger and fries are being pulled off a conveyor line and slapped in a to-go bag. Now some of the biggest names in quick meals are working to dispel that opinion.

McDonald’s has announced that it plans to start using fresh beef in its burgers. Restaurants such as Burger King and KFC are moving towards all white meat chicken and chicken free of any antibiotics.  read more »

High Flying Chicken


KFC is unveiling a new sandwich, and it's literally out of this world.

Right now the zinger chicken sandwich is hovering at the edge of space somewhere between seven and 30 miles off the ground. The sandwich space flight is a joint experiment between KFC and the private spaceflight company World View. The sandwich is housed in a KFC shaped container and will be on the trip for four days. During that time it will take a selfie, gather information about the environment before returning to Earth.  read more »

KFC Controversy


Controversy is cooking up between KFC and social media and now the chain restaurant is serving up a response.

KFC has filed a lawsuit against three Chinese companies whose social media accounts have painted the restaurant in a very un-appetizing way. The company says the social media accounts are being used to spread rumors that include it's chicken is genetically modified.

Specific examples include claims that its chickens have eight legs and six wings. KFC is now demanding more than $200,000 and a public apology from each of the three companies. And the restaurant has some powerful people on its side.  read more »

A Kentucky Fried Scandal


KFC is swallowing the cost; of someone else's story.

It was a story that gained national attention. A three year old girl from Mississippi mauled by pit bulls that left her with a missing eye and facial scars. Her grandmother says she took her to a local KFC for mashed potatoes and was asked by an employee to leave because the little girl's scars were upsetting customers.  read more »