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Starting a New Job


You've made it through the interview and landed a new job; now it's time for you to ask a few questions.

For most people the first few months at a new nine to five is a learning curve, and the best way to figure out how things are done is to ask. Recently Fortune magazine sat down with an executive vice president with Wells Fargo to talk about the best way to ask for help at a new job. He says since you aren't expected to know much, people are more willing to answer your questions. Plus it demonstrates your enthusiasm to co-workers and your new boss. So how do you go about doing this?  read more »

Aiming For A Job


Looking for a job; there are some industries to set your sights on and others to pass right over.

For the past 18 months new positions have been added to the job market and things such as salaries and unemployment are heading back to pre-recession levels. While this news has many people readying their resumes; things are not always what they seem.  read more »

The Right Major


Feel like you’re majoring in unemployment; it’s not too late to improve your odds.

The job market is tough and the idea that about fourteen million people are looking for work can ruin any graduation ceremony. But not all doors to a paycheck are closed. Liz Goodwin works with the news blog The Lookout. Goodwin compiled a list of the ten best majors for college students based on how much that field is employed.  read more »

Think Like an Athlete


Looking to jump start your career; embrace your athleticism.

Bobbie LaPorte is the founder of RAL & Associates. A company she started in 2002 that provides career management and leadership training to executives in the San Francisco bay area. LaPorte is also an endurance athlete. And at the age of sixty she is training for her fifth ironman competition. LaPorte started her company while training for her first triathlon. It was then that she discovered the mind of an athlete can benefit a person dealing with transition in the business world.

“They visualize the end and then they step back from that and they structure their performance, their planning to be able to accomplish that and i don’t think in today’s business world that we do enough of that.”  read more »

A Not So Glamorous Career


Appearances can be deceiving; especially when it comes to your career.

Looking for a job of glamour and glitz? Be careful what you wish for because every nine to five comes with conditions. found ten jobs that aren’t as amazing as they look. Even though each one of these professionals might love their job; everyone has a day that makes them want to call it quits.  read more »

The Most Popular Jobs


Need a job but not sure where to start; how about with the most popular professions in America?

To help get you started in working America or maybe get you back on your feet MSN has targeted the most popular jobs in the country; industries that are currently hiring the most people. And while some of the salaries may seem a little meager at least your odds of a paycheck might improve. And there’s something for everyone on this list.  read more »