job perks

Job Perks

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It's no secret that a happy employee is a productive employee but some are feeling better than others.

From chefs to a nap room to a travel stipend, most companies offer their worker bees an incentive to clock in every day. But then there are the company’s that go above and beyond perks to flat out luxury. To help you narrow down what exactly you're missing out on MSN Money has put together a list of the 20 companies that offer the best incentives out there.

For example, Riot Games, the company behind the bestselling video game “League of Legends” offers employees an onsite computer cafe and arcade to keep their gaming skills on point. And to help check out the competition it also shells out $300 for them to buy new games.  read more »

Happy Employees


Some job perks are better than others; and some job perks will have you begging for an application.

Most companies offer the usual incentives to employees; paid time off, a competitive benefits package and telecommuting. Others throw in a company car or credit card. Then there are the businesses that go above and beyond to make sure their employees are happy employees.

For example the photo sharing website Pinterest offers unlimited vacation days. The company says it wants people to feel refreshed and balanced while they're on the clock. And when they are at work Pinterest wants them to have everything they need so employees are outfitted with whatever apple equipment they might need.  read more »

Cutting Back


Cash strapped Greece is cutting back… on job perks.

After being bailed out twice by the Euro Zone and the International Monetary Fund Greece is looking to save some cash. And it’s coming out of the pocket of the private sector. The latest change includes scraping a bonus workers have enjoyed for more than two decades; six extra days of paid vacation every year just for using a computer. That idea went into effect in June of 1989 to reward people who had to sit in front of a screen for more than five hours a day. The country’s administrative reform minister says that idea is outdated.  read more »