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Best Job in the World


You might think you have the best job in the world; but according to experts you probably don't.

Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees can review companies and their management. According to them the best job in America right now is data scientist. Data Science Association founder and President Michael Walker says in the digital age the amount of information out there is only going to grow. And someone needs to take that information, organize it and set up systems to take advantage of what we're learning.  read more »

Job Openings


New year, new job. But where should you start the search.

New year’s resolutions are easy to make but they’re not so easy to keep. But if you’re vowing on bringing in 2014 behind the desk at a new company there are a few out there looking to add to their payroll. And to help narrow it down has a list of 20 companies that are hiring right now.

First up is advanced resources. Jobs in industries that include office, clerical, accounting and human resources. The positions up for grabs include senior accountants, receptionists and web developers. And right now the area of the country looking to fill these spots is in the greater Chicago area.  read more »

Court Jester Wanted


There's a job opening at an Austrian hotel; and it's no laughing matter.

The Rogner Bad Blumau Hotel is looking for someone to fill the role of court jester. It says the ideal candidate needs to be communicative, musical, creative and imaginative. Anyone who feels like they qualify is asked to bring and play a musical instrument at the interview; creative and outlandish costumes are also encouraged.

And the money is nothing to joke about. At a time when the Austrian economy is being financially burdened with union demands the hotel is offering a salary of $1,900 a month.  read more »

Help Wanted


There’s a job opening in Sri Lanka; but only men can apply.

It’s been a year since the position opened but Sri Lanka is now looking for someone to be its new hangman. And with at least 480 convicts on death row the work is stacking up.

The commissioner of operations for the prisons department says since they began accepting applications earlier this week almost two hundred people have turned in the necessary paperwork. And the interview process is now underway. But it’s not clear what the day to day duties of the hangman will be.  read more »