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Landing a Job


Hoping to ace your next job interview? Get a little creative.

The job interview is your first and often last time to make a good face to face impression with the person who could sign your next paycheck. And in order to guarantee a desk with your name on it, most people play it safe when it comes to the big day. But safe might not always be the best way to go.

So to find out other ways people have landed a job, business insider has a list of the craziest things people have said that worked in their favor. For example the walkout.  read more »

Too Much of a Good Thing


Everyone has good traits; just don’t let them go bad.

Robert Half International is the world’s largest staffing and consulting services company. Recently it discussed with the type of traits companies look for in potential employees. And why those traits, no matter how good they may be can sometimes work against you.

For example being known around the office as a nice person can be a good thing; unless you become a pushover. This will lead to people taking advantage of you or directing unwanted assignments in your direction. Or maybe you’re someone who’s in the know. The first person co-workers come to with a question. Another good trait unless what you know is just nine to five gossip and the information you’re known to spread is rumors.  read more »

The Right People


Ready for the next step of the corporate ladder; there are a couple of people you should get to know. says getting to know your company’s executives could be one of the best things you do for your career. After all your job security is in their hands so they might as well know your name. But before you invite your CEO out for coffee there are a few guidelines when it comes to networking up.  read more »

Five Red Flags

red flags.jpg

You may be getting desperate for a paycheck but there are some things to watch out for before you sign on the dotted line.

Sometimes things are too good to be true, and in case you think your new job is one of them career has a few signs to look out for. For example, during the job interview you’re trying to make a good impression, but listen closely to the questions you’re being asked. While you may be eager to please and agree to everything career builder says to be on the alert for strange questions.  read more »

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Employment or Happy Hour


Looking for a new job? You might want to lay off the bottle.

A series of six experiments conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania, found that being associated with alcohol makes you less hirable. In one of their experiments, researchers asked 610 middle managers at various U.S. companies to evaluate a video of a dinner interview.  read more »