job hunting

Landing a Job


Hoping to ace your next job interview? Get a little creative.

The job interview is your first and often last time to make a good face to face impression with the person who could sign your next paycheck. And in order to guarantee a desk with your name on it, most people play it safe when it comes to the big day. But safe might not always be the best way to go.

So to find out other ways people have landed a job, business insider has a list of the craziest things people have said that worked in their favor. For example the walkout.  read more »

The Direct Approach


Looking for a job? The direct approach might not always be the best approach.

18-year-old Keion Sharp was trying to land himself a job when he ended up behind bars suspected of armed robbery. Recently sharp had applied for a job with brinks security. He says he had already filled out and turned in an application but still had a few questions about the day-to-day job duties. So he figured he would go straight to the source for information and knocked on the driver’s side window of a Brinks armored truck.

Unfortunately for Sharp the driver thought he was holding a gun and called the police. Sharp was arrested, questioned and searched for several hours before finally tasting freedom. Of course he did not have a gun just several copies of his job application.  read more »