jim steyer

Political Bullies


The commander in chief is a man to look up to; but choosing one can be a lesson in what not to do.

Jim Steyer is the CEO of San Francisco based common sense media. I spoke with him about the impact the recent election had on the younger generation. Steyer says the ads and campaigning might have been targeted to voters; but they weren’t the only ones taking it all in.

“Bullying today often happens on media platforms, whether it’s in cyberspace online or it’s on TV. And the political campaign gave us a great example of negative advertising which often times reach a level of bullying.”  read more »

New Privacy Laws

WDW Swan Privacy Please.jpg

For the first time in 24 years anti privacy laws are getting a bit more private.

Recently I spoke with Jim Steyer, CEO of San Francisco based Common Sense Media. A company that helps people get the best out of media and technology when it comes to entertainment and education. Steyer says in the next few weeks the children’s online privacy protection act is expected to become law.

“They are efforts to update the nation’s privacy laws so that the best interest of children and their privacy needs are protected, in a world where online communication and social media networks like facebook go 24/7.”  read more »

Overage Bullies


Bullies never go away; they just get older.

Election season is over and the months of campaigning have taughts us that bullies are roaming more than the halls of our schools.

“This sure has been a nasty election season. And kids no matter where they live have heard an incredible amount. Messages from candidates on both sides of the outlet are really negative and show the worst side of American politics.”  read more »

Pulling the Plug


We may be living in a digital world; but don’t forget there’s an off button.

Jim Steyer is the author of “Talking Back to Facebook; The Common Sense Guide to Raising Kids in the Digital Age.” He says the point of the book is to start a national conversation about the pros and cons of our new online reality.

“We need to make this a positive aspect of our lives. It’s here to stay but how it’s here to stay is up to us.”

Steyer says in today’s world most young people are interacting more with devices than with people. But they aren’t the only ones. Steyer says parenting in the digital age starts with yourself and your own habits.  read more »

Privacy Please


Facebook has gone public; but you don’t have to go with it.

Jim Steyer is the founder and CEO of San Francisco based Common Sense Media. Recently I spoke to him about his new book “Talking Back to Facebook: The Common Sense Guide to Raising Kids in the Digital Age.” Steyer says we’re living in a digital revolution and while everyone wants to be a part of it; some might not be ready for it.

“Many kids today self reveal before they self reflect. They put stuff up on the web on their Facebook page or even in a text message before they really think about the consequences. And unfortunately today there’s no eraser button yet.”  read more »