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Wine in Space

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One Italian winemaker has a vintage truly out of this world.

The roots of Italian wine go back centuries and now they’ve gone a lot further. In 2005 winemaker Nicolo Incisa sent his Sassicaia root stock from his Tuscan winery into orbit. The European Space Agency’s mission was to determine the effect of weightlessness on plants. To mark the event, Incisa created a specially shaped bottle of his wine for the trip. Recently he showed me the bottle that hasn’t been seen since landing.

“We decided it was a waste to drink so we still have the bottle with the wine inside.”

Incisa estimates this bottle could fetch a million dollars; but he’s not selling.  read more »

A Smooth Recession


Sometimes a crash is not the same as a crush.

I recently spent time in the Chianti wine region of Tuscany. There I spoke with Nicolo Incisa; president of Sassicaia winery. In Italy; as in most countries, the down economy has hit business and industries hard. And while tourism to his country is down Incisa says his business is up.

“I think that during crisis this one, the people are more careful what they buy. They go for quality they don’t risk buying wine they don’t know.”

Incisa says his wine has developed a good reputation and people know what they are getting when they buy it. He says for this reason his business has grown for the past four years.

“Demand is growing which is a little surprising but we are very pleased.”  read more »

Uncorking a Great Deal

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Despite the bad economy there are some good deal to be found, is you are willing to take a taste.

This weekend more than six hundred and thirteen lots of fine wine are up for auction at Christie's Auction House in New York. Wine consultants everywhere are calling this the best time for collectors because of the deals available, and the lower prices are bringing out the buyers. Last Saturday's Sotheby's auction brought in $2.9 million dollars, way above the presale estimate of $1.8 million. Consultant Judy Beardsall says fine wine is a great long term investment. Beardsall says wine collecting is a lot like gardening and now is a great time to turn over the soil and lay down some stock.  read more »