To Infinity and Beyond


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is attempting to go where no Iranian has gone before.

Last week Iran successfully launched a monkey into space and retrieved it alive. Since then Ahmadinejad has announced he wants to be the first human the country’s space program sends into orbit. He says sending living things into space is the result of Iranian effort and the dedication of many scientists and he wants to be a part of it.  read more »

Bart Simpson Banned


It looks like Barbie is getting a little company on the black market.

Recently I told you about Barbie being banned from Iranian stores. Now Bart Simpson and his slightly inappropriate family are being pulled as well. It’s all part of a crackdown by Tehran’s morality police that targets western toys and culture considered to be corruptive.  read more »

Black Market Barbie


While the rest of the world cracks down on Iran; Iran is cracking down on a blonde icon.

About three weeks ago Iran’s morality police started visiting shopkeepers and making them remove any and all Barbie dolls from the shelves. They are being told the dolls represent to many promiscuous western values.

Barbie was first banned from the country in 1996. That’s when religious leaders declared that the doll leads to destructive cultural and social consequences. Then in 2002 a new range of officially approved dolls was launched. Called Sara and Dara, the dolls are wearing traditional Islamic clothing with Sara, the female completely covered.  read more »

Tough Love


Looking to save a little money this Valentine’s Day, or just avoid it altogether, consider a trip to Iran.

The Middle Eastern country has banned any gifts or promotions relating to the February 14th celebration of love. The strict rules, imposed by Iranian authorities are an attempt to stop the spread of corruptive western values and the canoodling of unmarried couples. The ban covers everything from teddy bears to cards and anything else that might feature a heart or a rose.  read more »

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Iran’s oil problem may create opportunity for Obama

Come January, President-elect Obama will inherit a host of domestic and international problems. But he may already be getting a big break in dealing with one world trouble spot. Iran.

Oil prices have cratered, down from a high of $147 to around $60 a barrel. Such a rapid collapse in the price for Iran’s most precious commodity may cause Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to focus more on keeping his job at home than spending time ranting against America. And continued UN sanctions could finally bring Iran to the negotiating table over nuclear weapons development.  read more »