Survival Skills


Need to open a bottle of beer; there’s an iPhone for that.

Two Australian entrepreneurs have found a solution to the never-ending quest of finding a bottle opener. Chris Peters and Rob Ward have developed the “Opena.” It’s a hard plastic case that fits over an iPhone and holds a slide out bottle opener.

Peters says it’s a common problem to be at a party without a bottle opener. They figured since people always have their phone with them; why not attach an opener to that.

Their product had to meet three rules; the case had to be slim, the opener could not scratch the phone and the opener had to work without putting pressure on the phone. Once they had a prototype, the testing phase began.  read more »

MealSnap App


Worried about the number of calories in your next meal? A new app is keeping a close eye on your waistline.

The app, called MealSnap was developed by the fitness social network Daily Burn. After you take a picture of your meal the app will match it to a database of 500,000 food items. It will then tell you how many calories what you’re about to eat contains.

Daily Burn CEO Andy Smith says the app will also alert you to the protein, fat, carbs and vitamins your food contains. MealSnap can also be used as a food diary by allowing users to keep a visual log of what they’re consuming throughout the day. Smith says tracking your meals can cause a psychological change to help people on their health and fitness journey.  read more »

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Verizon's New Relationship


To the joy of smart phone users everywhere Verizon has announced it will soon carry the iPhone. But you might not want to break out your wallet just yet.

Admist the excitement of Verizon’s big announcement earlier this week came a few revelations of their new relationship with apple. First, the Verizon iPhone will only work on the 3G network. These phones have data speeds that are much slower than the 4G phone plus you can’t talk and surf the internet at the same time. And rumors are already flying that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 sometime this year. But Verizon might have to wait until the following January to get the updated version giving AT&T a solid head start.  read more »

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An App Among the Stars


Want to know more about space exploration and the possibility of living on mars? There’s an app for that.

Famous for being the second man to walk on the moon, astronaut Buzz Aldrin is now leaving his mark on the iPad. His Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration app, also available on the iPhone covers Aldrin’s take on the current space program. Aldrin says with a greater commitment to the program we could have a permanent colony of people on Mars in about 25 years.  read more »



Since the launch of the iPod, iPhone and iPad technology has gone hand held. But the ability to go anywhere might not be as cool or as clean as it seems.

The iPhone and the iPad are driven with your fingertips; fingertips that have also been touching money, doorknobs and shaking hands. But one Bay Area company has a product to make sure what you have on your fingers won’t get left on your LCD screen. John and Monica Youngheim have been making a cleaner for LCD screens since 1992. But with the launch of the iPhone Apple executives became concerned with the possibility of bacteria on the devices and approached the Youngheims who offered them iKlear.  read more »

iKlear Cleans Up


Earlier this week Steve Jobs launched the fourth generation iPhone right behind the iPad launch. But some critics soon complained the screens show fingerprints too easily. Enter some entrepreneurs all to ready to solve the problem.

John and Monica Youngheim are the President and Owner of Meridrew enterprises. A bay area based company that makes Klear screen products designed to clean everything from your flat panel television to your sunglasses. But since the apple releases of the last few years, they have designed their second product. iKlear, a cleaner for everything apple and since technology went portable business has been good.  read more »

i-Phone App Fever


Since Steve Jobs gave us the Apple i-Phone, millions of people have downloaded thousands of applications. But while providing a huge playground for consumers it's getting a little crowded for app developers.

Seth Socolow is CEO and Founder of the San Francisco App Studio. The company was developed about six months ago to develop and market apps for the i-Phone and other mobile platforms. Socolow says when the i-phone first came out there were just a few apps and those early bird developers became overnight success stories. Now there are more than 115,000 different apps and it's getting harder to stand out. Socolow says it's time to get creative.  read more »