Social Apps


Looking for the latest hot spot; there’s an app for that.

Superb is an app that is forcing people away from their screens and out into the real world. It works by showing users a full screen image of venues such as bars, restaurants of hiking trails. A swipe to the right adds that place to the user’s to do list. A swipe to the left indicates they are not interested and tapping the middle button indicates they’ve already been.

The app’s co-founder says it’s all about getting offline and the best way to do that is to know where people want to go. And if you can’t figure out what you feel like doing there’s an app for that too.  read more »

Cell Phone Addiction


Constantly connected to your cell phone; you might be one screen swipe away from rehab.

Researchers at the University of Washington say they noticed an extreme increase on the frequency and amount of time people spend on their phones. So much so that they say cell phone use is becoming an addiction and can make you anti-social, stressed and anxious. Traits usually attributed to people addicted to drugs or alcohol.

According to the study there are four warning signs you should watch out for in yourself and friends and family. For example; anticipation. Researchers say it's a problem if you are constantly thinking about the calls or messages you might receive before they even happen.  read more »

Apple Maps


Apple maps is back in the news and still in need of direction.

A few months ago Apple kicked Google maps to the curb and began relying on its own navigation app. Unfortunately the company hit a few roadblocks in the form of roads that no longer exist and unnecessary detours. Then Apple seemed to smooth out the road and get people heading in the right direction; until now.

According to the British newspaper “The Independent” Apple's map app is misleading drivers again and steering them right down an airport runway. Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska says that twice in the past three weeks out of town drivers have driven through the airport after been given bad directions on their iPhones.  read more »

Upgrading Walmart


Time to update your smartphone; head to the world's largest retailer.

Earlier this week Walmart announced a new trade-in program to help people pick up the latest gadgets on the market. Beginning September 21st people can receive credit for their used, working and undamaged smartphones. That credit can then be used towards the purchase of a newer model.

Turning in an Apple iPhone 5 can score you $300, $175 for a Samsung Galaxy S3 and $52 for a Samsung Galaxy S2. The trade-in program will be in effect at 3,600 Walmart and Sam’s Club locations all across the U.S. The only catch is that participating customers need to enter into a two year contract for their new phones with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.  read more »

Apple's Golden Ticket


Apple is working on a new flavor and it’s not sitting well with the target audience.

According to its supply source in Taiwan Apple's new iPhone will come cloaked in gold. The Silicon Valley powerhouse has yet to comment; but experts say with China expected to overtake India as the world's biggest gold consumer this new option is clearly aimed at the Far East.

Unfortunately they might not be buying it; literally. Shoppers at an Apple store in Beijing say gold should not be coupled with what they consider the pinnacle of modern technology. They say they are more concerned with screen size and operating system then color.  read more »

The iWatch


The iWatch is on its way; and it's coming just in time for Apple.

The latest iWatch rumor is that Apple has filed a trademark for the gadget in Japan. Of course the tech powerhouse isn't commenting but bloggers predict the iWatch could make an appearance on store shelves early next year. And the latest product could be necessary to save the company.

Bloggers say that despite having one of the most valuable stocks on the market investors are not impressed. Last week it closed below 400 which means over the past nine months it has lost almost half its value. A surprising slump considering it just held its annual worldwide developer conference and introduced a new operating system and MacBook Air.  read more »

Lost and Found


Your lost property is one man's fulltime job.

For Eliel Santos, his office is the stretch of subway grates from 23rd Street to 47th Street in New York City.

His office equipment is dental floss, mousetrap glue and a sharp eye. Recently, the New York Post followed him on his 9 to 5.

Each day he searches subway grates for items people mights have dropped, such as money, jewelry, and more often than not an iphone. At days end he takes his haul to the pawn shop.

His biggest paycheck came from a diamond and gold bracelet he sold for $1800. But he's not just in business for himself.

Santos also provides a pro bono service helping people find their lost items. Once he pulled a man's keys out of the subway grate and another time a man's wedding ring.  read more »

Apple to the Core


Has Apple turned into forbidden fruit, or is now the time to take a bite?

Once every investors favorite stock, Apple has fallen out of favor on Wall Street and Main Street. It's stock is down more than 42% from its high of $750 a share. It's recently been trading well below $400 a share. Simply put its upward momentum is broken.

Reasons from pundits include the death of co-founder Steve Jobs, fierce competition in tablets, phones and laptops. Its profit margins are lower and it has a lack of new sexy products it can hype to get consumers excited again. But Apple still has an incredible $137 billion in cash on hand.  read more »

Lost in Australia

Apple is still sending people in the wrong direction and they’re being left high and dry in some bad locations.

Police in southeastern Australia have contacted the Silicon Valley powerhouse after a handful of tourists became stranded in a national park. They say the travelers were trying to get to the town of Mildura. Instead Apple maps directed them to an untouched area of Murray Sunset park.

Police say people were stuck in the snake infested desert in the blazing heat for hours. In some cases travelers had to make do without food or water until rescued. Police say people were too afraid to get out of their cars and start walking after spotting snakes, foxes and other breeds of wildlife.  read more »

Facebook's New Friend


Facebook is losing friends on the stock market; now it’s hoping a slice of Apple will change that.

Since it went public Facebook’s stock has dropped to under $30 a share. This is down almost 25% from its initial public offering. So to help give the social site a boost apple is building Facebook into its iPhone and iPad software. The announcement was made earlier this week at the Apple developer’s conference in San Francisco.

With the next version of this software users will be able to update their Facebook friends on their every move by talking directly to their phones. The new operating system will also allow people to “like” various movies and apps in the iTunes store.  read more »

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