iphone 6


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It looks like Apple’s new iPhone is getting tangled up in another case of bad publicity.

The iPhone 6 launched on a wave of excitement and anticipation over Apple’s first new major product since the death of co-founder Steve Jobs. But soon the hype turned a little rotten when people started reporting that the new phone bends. And now users are complaining about another problem.

On Twitter people are saying that the phone is catching hair from people’s heads and beards and pulling them out. According to their tweets hairs are getting stuck in the thin seam between the glass and the aluminum on the new handsets.  read more »

Apple's New Building

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A mysterious building is being constructed by Apple and anticipation is growing about what the tech giant is hiding behind door number one.

The building is going up at the Flint Center for Performing Arts in Cupertino, California. According to local media construction crews have been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements and security is tight. Speculation is that it has something to do with the event Apple is holding on September 9th.  read more »

Apple Rumors


It looks like another apple is about to fall from the tree.

There are reports that September 9th will be the release date for Apple's iPhone six. The news comes from a managing editor at the independent tech site re-code. A site that has an excellent track record for covering Apple and its big announcements.

In the past Apple has made its new products available to shoppers ten days after sharing it with the world. So if history repeats itself that means you could get your hands on the newest iPhone on September 19th. So what can you expect come next month?  read more »