Too Much of a Good Thing


Everyone has good traits; just don’t let them go bad.

Robert Half International is the world’s largest staffing and consulting services company. Recently it discussed with the type of traits companies look for in potential employees. And why those traits, no matter how good they may be can sometimes work against you.

For example being known around the office as a nice person can be a good thing; unless you become a pushover. This will lead to people taking advantage of you or directing unwanted assignments in your direction. Or maybe you’re someone who’s in the know. The first person co-workers come to with a question. Another good trait unless what you know is just nine to five gossip and the information you’re known to spread is rumors.  read more »

The Value of Body Language


In this economy a good job interview is hard to come by and even if you're lucky enough to land one you had better be prepared. There's more to a job interview than references or experience. Your body language can tell a potential employer all they need to know without you ever saying a word.

Janine Driver is a body language and deception detection expert who analyzes our everyday movements to determine what they say about our character. Here is her list of six crucial body movements that can make or break that critical first impression.

1. Handshake: The wet fish versus the bone crusher  read more »