Nike and Instagram


Major retailers have been trying to tap into social media to reach consumers, but Nike might be the first to “just do it.”

With billions of people using sites such as Facebook and Twitter, companies have tried selling them products with one click buttons or direct links. Unfortunately all those efforts have fallen flat. Now, Nike is jumping in the game and it’s targeting Instagram.

Experts say Instagram is the best bet to sell to its 700 million users because its use of high quality pictures can entice consumers. The site also lets brands tag products in its pictures the same way users tag their friends. Users can tap the tag to be taken to the company's site to make a purchase.  read more »

A New Type of Publishing


Instagram is known for its visuals, but now one woman is taking the photo sharing site to the next level.

Author and photographer Rachel Hulin is releasing her new novel one Instagram post at a time. Her book “Hey Harry, Hey Matilda” follows a set of fraternal twins as they experience all the fun of growing up. Their story is told via a series of emails from Harry, a writer in Connecticut and Matilda, a wedding photographer in Brooklyn.

A similar project was done in 2009 when author Matt Stewart tweeted his entire debut novel. But in this case Hulin isn't limited to 140 characters a post. And she has the option of including pictures with her Instagram post. Something she plans to do to help draw in readers.  read more »

Birthday Wishes


The world is getting a lot more social; so we're in need of a lot more rules.

Thanks to sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook your everyday adventures are documented for friends, family and perfect strangers to see. And since a lot of our relationships are built around social media, Time magazine thought it was time for a little etiquette. Suggested guidelines include no inspirational quotes and limiting pictures of your children.

But according to Time magazine the biggest area in need of a little direction is birthdays. Time says social media has led to confusion about properly wishing someone a happy birthday. Especially when, thanks to Facebook no one has to actually remember your big day.  read more »

Unfriendly Facebook


It looks like Facebook is getting a little un-friendly.

If you're tired of seeing what people had for breakfast or hearing about their daily gripes Facebook is now allowing users to weed out useless information. Soon you will be able to un-follow friends whose comments and updates you want removed from your newsfeed.

The new feature will be available in the drop down menu on people's posts in news feed. The best part of the new feature is that users will not be notified if you've kicked them out of your feed. This means you get to keep your friends while avoiding news you're not interested in.  read more »

New Friends


Facebook’s target audience is making new friends.

Facebook’s chief financial officer says teenagers are becoming less active on the site. He says the amount of teens spending more than a few minutes online is now at 56%. That’s down from 76% earlier this year. So who are they hanging out with now?

Experts say younger social media users are switching to sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Flickr. Experts say it’s clear the big winners in the social media world are closed messaging and video and photo sharing apps. They say that could be harmful to Facebook who pushes a peer-to-peer community on a more public stage.  read more »

Online Drug Sales


Social media is designed to keep people connected; unfortunately one site is connecting people with their drug dealers.

The photo and video sharing site Instagram now has a new set of filters in place designed to stop some back alley activity. The site reports that people have been using it to buy and sell illegal drugs. According to an internal investigation dealers would post pictures of their product and link it to key hash tags. People in the know with the underground industry would then use those hash tags to find a substance and set up a buy.  read more »

Snap Happy


If you're a freelance member of the paparazzi; your snap happy days could pay off.

The 1888 hotel in Sydney is offering a free stay to Instagram users with more than 10,000 followers. All you have to do is follow the hotel on Instagram, tell them when you're coming and the free night is yours.  read more »

Instagram and Facebook


A picture might be worth a thousand words; but you can’t take that to the bank.

It was a year ago this week that Facebook purchased the photo sharing company Instagram for one billion dollars. Way above its estimated value of 500 million. And according to Time magazine the company hasn’t made a dollar since. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying.

Since the buy-out Instagram has doubled its staff and added a business operations director brought over from Facebook. And the outside interest is there. When Facebook bought it, Instagram had 30 million users. Now a year later it has more than 100 million users posting 40 million photos a day.  read more »