Genius Visa


On the brink of the next big thing? Then welcome to America.

While debate over immigration reform rages on Capitol Hill there is a guaranteed way to hop the border fence into the land of opportunity. It’s called the genius visa and it’s handed out to anyone with extraordinary ability.

There are two different types of genius visa. The first is O-1 and is very popular with entrepreneurs and people looking to move up in technology world. The EB-1 is for exceptionally talented people, outstanding professors or researchers or a multinational executive.

The EB-1 visa is good for three years and can lead to a green card and a permanent stay in the country. CNN host Piers Morgan was awarded one when he moved here to replace Larry King.  read more »

Danger Abroad


Looking for an out of the ordinary vacation? How about witnessing violent crimes and being chased by the police?

While most people head to Mexico for the beach and some umbrella drinks, tourist agencies are noticing a surge in people looking for something a little out of the ordinary. So these agencies are offering trips to remote mountain areas, cities over-run with rebels and dangerous neighborhoods.  read more »