Company Names


They're some of the biggest companies in the business world, but how did they pick a name we will never forget?

Because of their success company names such as Lego and Ikea are very familiar to us. But how did they choose a name that would resonate with consumers? To find out how CEO's determine what will go on their letter heads, Business Insider tracked down the thinking behind some of the biggest names we know.  read more »

Hide and Seek


Ikea is turning away customers, but only the ones looking to do a little more than shop.

In the Netherlands a social media campaign has taken off encouraging people to hit up their nearest Ikea store for a game of hide and seek. It started out innocent enough with a couple people jumping on board, but the most recent invitation for a game at the Amsterdam store reached more than 19,000 people. A similar invitation was circling in a nearby town and 13,000 people there confirmed they would show up.  read more »

Holiday Shopping


Tis the season to give a gift; and some are going over better than others.

According to the National Retail Federation requests for gift cards are up this year. It says six in ten people surveyed said they would like to receive a gift card over something more personal. This is up from last year’s 57.7%.

But that doesn’t mean that every gift card will be a hit. According to Investopedia not all gift cards are created equal; and your kind gesture could become a headache for the recipient. So to help you whittle away your shopping list with some success Investopedia has narrowed down the three best and worst gift cards on the market.  read more »