identity theft

Be Careful When You Swipe


Paying with plastic; better make sure you’re protected.

These days’ cash seems to be going the way of CD players and regular snail mail. You know it’s still there and every now and then someone uses it but it’s slowly and surely being replaced by something fast and easy.

In this case it’s plastic. Everyone has some type of card in their wallet and whether its debit or credit swiping a card has become the new way to pay. But while convenient the quick access to your bank account can cause problems. To scare you into caution MSN Money has found some of the most common horror stories involving credit or debit cards. And with about 200 million people carrying some form of plastic; chances are you have experienced some of these misfortunes.  read more »

A Bad Taste

credit card.jpg

Some New York City waiters have been serving up more than your food.

According to police a highly organized identity theft ring recruited waiters to provide them with customer’s credit card information. The waiters all worked at expensive restaurants and were provided with skimming devices. These would copy a person’s credit card information while running the tab.

Police say it appears at least fifty restaurant patrons were affected by the wait staff scheme. The stolen information was then made into fake credit cards used to buy items such as watches and purses. The group would keep some of the products; all bought at high end department stores, and sell off the rest.  read more »

Census Fraud


Its census time and identity thieves love it.

By now you should have received your 2010 census form in the mail and the Census Bureau is urging you to fill it out but another agency is urging you to beware. According to the Better Business Bureau says consumers need to be on guard for online and in-person census fraud. The correct census form from the government involves ten questions regarding your housing situation. It should not ask any questions regarding your financial information.  read more »

Fear of Fraud Bigger Than Terrorism


Since that terrible attack on 9/11, Americans have been understandably afraid of terrorism. But with the recent worldwide economic meltdown, most Americans are now more concerned about economic terrorism. And so is the federal government.

First, a global forecast that looks out to 2025 and conducted by the National Intelligence Council reported last month that global power is shifting from West to East with energy and economic issues being the key drivers of the shift. According to Aviation Week and Space Technology, “the report also warned that the diffusion of scientific knowledge and technology will place dangerous capabilities within reach of terrorist organizations.”  read more »