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The credit monitoring company Equifax is hoping to win back the public's trust; but it's off to a rocky start.

Last week Equifax announced that it had been hacked by criminals that obtained the personal information of 143 million Americans. Information that included names, addresses and social security numbers. To make up for this failure in protecting your assets the company said it would give anyone affected a free one year subscription to its credit monitoring service. However there was a catch.  read more »

Privacy Concerns


You know your phone, computer and bank account are at danger of being hacked, but what about your child's favorite new toy?

A talking doll is being banned by German authorities because the software inside her could be hacked and personal data revealed. The doll is called “Cayla” and the software inside her was created by U.S. company Genesis Toys. It allows the child to have conversations with the doll but officials say this could lead to privacy issues. Plus if your child likes to tell her doll personal information such as your phone number and address that could lead to identity theft and fraud.  read more »

Weight Loss Hackers


Hackers are looking for a way into your computer; and they're going through your insecurity.

According to a survey conducted by Intel security about 88% of consumers have clicked on an ad for some kind of diet or fitness program. The survey of 15,000 people between 21 and 54 also found that 30% had purchased something from those ads without knowing whether or not it’s a secure site. Experts say this is like buying pills from a person on the street corner without knowing what they are.

They say cyber criminals are getting smart and know that before summer hits people are looking to drop the extra pounds they picked up over the past few months. So it's pretty common to see more ads and emails promising a quick way to slim down.  read more »



These days everything is online, and the only thing protecting your information from cyberspace is your password.

Emmanuel Schalit is CEO of Dashlane. A company that streamlines the amount of passwords you have to remember. Schalit says these days’ people have multiple passwords on multiple devices for multiple websites. And in most cases they are using the same password for everything which makes the job of hackers that much easier. So to simplify your life dash lane will organize and manage all your password protected accounts. That way you only have to remember one master password for dash lane.  read more »

Target's Breach


It was the biggest shopping season of the year; and it might cost you a lot more than you think.

Target says from thanksgiving to December 15th at least 40 million customer credit and debit accounts could have been compromised. That makes it the second largest credit card breach in the country's history. Target says anyone who used their cards between that time in U.S. stores may have had their names, card numbers, expiration dates and security codes stolen. The theft did not affect any purchases made online.

The company says it immediately notified authorities and is working with a third party to investigate and prevent future breaches. It says customers should monitor their bank statements carefully and report any suspicious charges.  read more »

Protecting Your PIN


Want to protect your bottom line; all you need is a few good digits.

According to Forbes the United States and Mexico are home to the most credit and debit card thefts. 42% of Americans alone say they have been the victims of some type of fraud. And depending on how much time and effort you put into your pin you could be next.

So how do you know if the code that unlocks your personal vault is actually protecting you? To help narrow it down DataGenetics conducted a study to find the ten most commonly used numbers. And since they are used the most they are most likely to shrink your savings account.  read more »

Return to Sender

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Your identity can easily be stolen; especially if it's just given away.

With just weeks before her wedding Emily Dreyfuss... daughter of the actor Richard Dreyfuss ordered her fiancée a tie and pocket square from Banana Republic. But when the package came it contained more than just accessories.

Instead it held the confidential files of 20 former Gap employees including social security numbers and W4 tax forms. Banana Republic is part of the Gap corporation. Dreyfuss says the package contained three envelopes labeled HR Administration. Besides the tax and social security information she found handwritten resignation letters, doctors notes and salary information. Basically the complete employment history of all 20 employees.  read more »

Safe Surfing


The bad always comes with the good; and it’s getting technical.

Nick Montano has been a private investigator for the past 33 years. These days most of his cases have gone viral along with most of your personal information.

“Some days we need technology other days it could be a real pain for us. Technology is here to stay so we need to find a way to make it safe for everyone to use technology.”

Montano says in our digital age the bad guys aren’t scoping out banks or liquor stores. Instead they’re sitting at home stealing your identity and hacking into your life savings.

“We come up with technology to stop them and they come up with technology to circumvent it so it’s a cops and robbers situation.”  read more »

Online Privacy


Looking for a little privacy; keep looking.

“There’s no more privacy. Privacy as we know it is gone the genies out of the bottle so we need to protect our own privacy because no one’s going to do it for us; not the government, not law enforcement, not your mom no one.”

Nick Montano has been a licensed private investigator for the past 33 years. I recently spoke with him about the dangers of the digital world.

“You have to be diligent on your security and your protection and you have to make sure that you don’t put your social security number out there that you don’t put your home address out there, you protect as much as you can.”  read more »

Safety Tips


Everyone worries about personal safety and the biggest threats are closer than you think.

Nick Montano is a licensed private investigator. I recently talked to him about how your everyday items can cost you everything. For example don’t put your home address into your GPS system. If someone steals your car they have a direct link to your home and already know that you’re not there. Montano says your address should not be so easily accessible.

“If people don’t know where they live they shouldn’t be driving a car. You don’t need to have your home address in your GPS if you can’t find your way home you should walk.”

Montano says you should also password protect your cell phones and avoid putting a hold on your mail for vacations.  read more »