Hotel Bookings


Booking a hotel room; the best deal might not be found online.

The summer travel season is vamping up and when it’s time to make your reservations most people head to their favorite search engine. Turns out Google might not be as smart as you think. Industry experts say the price of hotel rooms is always changing because of demand. Often times this isn’t reflected online but the internet can still help you get started.

MSN Money recommends first searching for the location you want to stay in. Then search some of the big booking sites to see the range of prices for the hotel you’re interested in. From there the site has a few options for you to save the most amount of money. And one of them involves going old school.  read more »

No Room Service


Your next vacation might not be as accommodating as you hoped.

New York’s biggest hotel, the Hilton Midtown is doing away with room service. It says the move comes after cutbacks in spending by business travelers and the changing taste of regular travelers who already pay more than $200 a room.

Reaction to the announcement is mixed. Some hotel guests say half the fun of getting away is being waited on hand and foot. Others say room service prices are outrageous and they would rather explore restaurants in the city.

And it’s not just bad news for people who prefer breakfast in bed. The hotel says cutting out room service means 55 employees could lose their jobs.  read more »

Hotel Watch


Planning a trip; there are a few places you should avoid resting your weary head.

Recently the travel website Trivago looked at hotel reviews from more than 140 accommodation booking sites. And coming in dead last on the list of one hundred cities is London and its hundreds of hotels.

Major complaints from customers included overpriced mini bars, bad breakfasts and slow service. A spokeswoman for the site says London hotels were also criticized for overcrowding, long lines, small rooms and bad views.

She says the website, owned by Expedia, releases this list twice a year to help people with their travel plans. And if you still want to visit a city with not so hot hotels then the list can at least help you pick the best of the worst.  read more »

Flexible Business


There’s a new trend in room service and travelers are working up a sweat.

Hotel chains are reporting that more travelers are requesting exercise equipment be sent to their rooms. And they’re being accommodated with everything from yoga mats to exercise DVD’s to treadmills. A spokeswoman for the Ritz-Carlton says fitness equipment has become the biggest request they receive from guests. She says besides getting their work done; exercise is the top priority for today’s business traveler. And they are meeting the demand.

The Ritz also offers gym shoes with hygienic, disposable insoles, gym clothes and six am jogs led by staff members. And if you call ahead; you can request a personal trainer be at your beck and call.  read more »

Unwanted Guests


Paris has a bug and its bite will be bad for tourism.

The bed bug problem that has been plaguing New Yorkers has made its way across the Atlantic to the city of love. Bed bugs are usually a rarity in Paris, but an employee at the public section of city hall says more than 600 locations in Paris have required treatment for bed bugs. The employee says this is a significant increase from prior years. And while city officials are steering clear of the term invasion, hotels and exterminators are suiting up for battle.  read more »

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Housekeeper Secrets


Checking into a hotel for the night? There are a few things your housekeeper wants you to know, and it’s not about the tip.

MSN interviewed maids from hotels all across the country to find out what goes on behind the scenes of your hotel room. And while you might be expecting to hear about bed bugs and dirty linen, there is a hidden housekeeper world that most guests wouldn’t even consider.  read more »

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Booking Your Travel Upgrades


It’s the busiest and the most expensive time of the year to travel. Wouldn’t you like your money to go a little further?

These days airlines are charging for everything from luggage to pillows and hotels and rental cars aren’t offering money saving deal either. The days of easy up-grades and free perks are slim to none but Money Magazine may have a few tricks left for weary travelers.  read more »

Unusual Lodgings


Vacation time is approaching and nothing says memories like a hotel in the side of a hill or one that used to house prisoners.

MSN Travel has put together a list of the most unusual hotels in the world. And while the accommodations might take some getting used to they could be well worth your money. And there’s something for everyone. For example Waitomo New Zealand features the Hobbit Motel, designed after Hobbiton from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. And for all you movie buffs the “Lord of the Rings” set is just 70 miles away.  read more »

Five Star Service


When you spend your hard earned money on a hotel you expect the five star treatment; clean rooms, room service and a warm bed. But in Britain that warm bed may be provided by a complete stranger.

Over the past month the international hotel chain, Holiday Inn has been offering a new service at three hotels in Britain. If requested a hotel employee will dress in a one piece fleece sleeper and roll around between the sheets of your bed to warm it up before you arrive.  read more »