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Seats For The Holidays

The holidays are coming. Time to lose weight before you fly.

This time of year people try to lose weight to better fit into clothes for holiday parties. But if you are flying over the holidays, you might want to also lose weight to better fit into those shrinking airline seats. Americans are getting bigger than ever while seat width and legroom is getting smaller than ever.  read more »

Not So Happy Holidays

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Happy holidays, unless you have to fly to get there.

Commercial airlines have a present for you this Christmas season, high airfare for smaller seats. Even Jet Blue, once proud to offer more leg room than its competition, has announced it is shrinking seat length to increase seat capacity. Those extra seats are expected to bring in an additional $100 million annually to Jet Blue's bottom line.

Jet Blue is also adding bag fees. So now Southwest airlines remains the only U.S. based carrier to allow free bag check-in. Jet Blue also plans to introduce three ticket classes next year. And you guessed it. You can pay more to get more leg room. Those who pay less will of course have to squeeze into those shrinking seats.  read more »

Holiday Travel


The most wonderful time of year is approaching and the price of airfare is rising to meet it.

Halloween is a week away which means the holiday season is here and people are planning their annual getaway. But whether it's home to the family or off on vacation we have now entered the time of year when the cost of plane tickets go up.

And this year the travel site says they are 17% higher than last year. And they aren't dropping anytime soon. also says that prices around Christmas are expected to rise 51% and New Year's Eve tickets will go up 25%. But there are still a few tricks you can try.  read more »

Secrets of a Flight Attendant


Hopping a plane this holiday season? There are some things you should know about the people in charge of your well being.

Steven Slater a former Jet Blue flight attendant experienced his fifteen minutes of fame by cursing at a passenger and making his exit via the emergency slide, beer in hand. To help prevent meltdowns by flight attendants on your future flights, Woman’s Day magazine has a few secrets to keep the skies extra friendly. The magazine polled flight attendants from different airlines with various schedules. And while their names have been changed for privacy their travel tips are universal.  read more »

High Flying Fees

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The holidays are right around the corner. And with them come visits to friends and family, along with extra airline fees.

Most of the major airlines have increased their surcharges for travel on the busiest holiday flying days to twenty dollars each way from ten dollars a few months ago.

The surcharges will apply to the vast majority of flights within the U-S on more than a dozen peak days. You can certainly guess what they are: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Tim smith is a spokesman for American airlines, and says it’s simply a matter of supply and demand. And he confirms that most increases already started a few weeks ago.  read more »