holiday shopping

Toys R' Us


The holidays are right around the corner, but one of the country's biggest toy shops isn't feeling very jolly.

Earlier this week Toys R' Us which has more than 1,600 stores around the country filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy. The company is reportedly facing a $5 billion debt, and $400 million of that is due next year.

And now with financial trouble swirling, suppliers are holding back on shipments unless they receive cash payment in advance of delivery. This could mean that the season's hottest toys might not make it to store shelves, forcing customers to look elsewhere.  read more »

Holiday Shopping Horror


It's the biggest holiday shopping weekend of the year, and if you're hating the long lines and crowds just remember things aren't so hot for the people on the other side of the counter either.

Black Friday, small business Saturday and cyber Monday are really just the beginning for the season. For the next month people will be frantically hitting the stores to snatch up the must have items for their loved ones. And while it can be a pain to deal with your fellow shoppers, think about the retail workers.  read more »

Holiday Shopping Hours


Toys “R” Us is opening its doors on Thanksgiving Day but not everyone is thankful for the early opportunity.

The retail toy giant has announced that it will open up for shopping at 5 PM on Thanksgiving Day and remain open until 11 PM on Black Friday. This will give people 30 full hours to cross some items off their holiday gift lists.  read more »

October Discounts


The holidays are right around the corner, and it looks like now could be a good time to cross some items off your list.

All year long Consumer Reports tracks the price of items in order to determine when is the best time to pick up some of your more expensive desires. For example October is the season of computers, gas grills and patio furniture. Plus around the Columbus Day weekend you can find deals on indoor furniture, large appliances and mattresses.  read more »

Gifts For Your Pet


It's beginning to feel a lot like the season to spend money; and there are a few four legged friends you can't forget.

As you tackle your holiday shopping lists what do you get the ones who can't ask for anything; your pets? And to thank them for a lifetime of love why not give them something unexpected.  read more »

Holiday Shopping


We’re a week away from black Friday and stores are doing everything they can to get shoppers offline and in the store.

To satisfy people looking for the best deal Wal-Mart executives are telling store managers to price match Amazon and other online retailers. This is an extension of the company’s ad match program which allows customers to bring in ads from other stores.

If the competitor is offering a lower price, Wal-Mart will match that. But now with people heading online to complete their holiday shopping Wal-Mart is getting more aggressive. According to Forbes magazine this could also help Wal-Mart get on top of another shopping trend that’s stealing business.  read more »

Christmas Toys


We might be smack dab in the middle of September; but for retailers it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

In an effort to get a jump on the holiday shopping season Toys “R” Us has released its list of the hottest toys for 2014. The annual list of 36 items is determined by the company’s play experts after months of research. While those exact methods of research aren’t clear, the company says it has a successful track record of making sure parents walk away with gifts to satisfy the kids come Christmas day.  read more »

Holiday Shopping


We might be months away from the holiday shopping season; but Wal-Mart already has a game plan.

In an attempt to lure customers away from other big name retailers, Wal-Mart is planning to staff each of its cash registers from the day after thanksgiving to the days just before Christmas.

The move which is being called “the checkout promise” is aimed at addressing one of the store's biggest complaints from customers. Every year people say the lines are too long and there aren't enough people on duty. So the store says each checkout line will be open for certain hours of the day. Most locations are planning on doing this during the weekend afternoons but this could vary by store.  read more »

Holiday Shopping


It's expected to be the biggest shopping weekend of the year. But this time around Black Friday had a little competition from Cyber Monday.

It's holiday tradition for retailers to open their doors in the early morning hours after thanksgiving. This year you barely had time to digest dinner before stores were open for business. But the early start wasn't a hit with die hard shoppers.

The numbers show that spending declined on Black Friday for the first time since 2009. Sales were down 13.2% from last year with foot traffic down 11.4%. But that doesn't mean people aren't spending money; it just means they would rather do it from the comfort of their couch.  read more »

Black Friday

Thanksgiving is right around the corner; and close on its heels is the biggest shopping day of the year.

This year the turkey will barely be digested before stores open to shoppers. Earlier this week target announced it was opening its doors at 8 PM on Thanksgiving Day. It will be open for 27 hours not closing until 11 PM the day after. Target will also be offering hundreds of deals online beginning Thanksgiving morning. And if all that wasn’t enough the store is featuring 15 online only daily discounts for two weeks beginning Sunday November 24th.

Traditionally the Friday after turkey day, known to die hard shoppers as Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season. But these days’ retailers can’t wait to make a dent in your bank account.  read more »