history of money

Understanding Money

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Money, not everyone understands it and for that reason not everyone has it.

“There's a lot of kind of social status regarding money and people feel that if you have a certain amount of money then you are deemed successful and if you have a lack of money then there are other connotations associated with it.”

I recently spoke with Mieka Harris, education manager for the Citi money gallery education program in London. She says despite money being the basic building block of life most people don't have a proper understanding of how to use it. She says a lot of times this starts with how people are taught about money by parents and children.  read more »

In Money We Trust

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Money; you spend it, you want it, you earn it and thousands of years ago you trusted it.

Right now the Citi Money Gallery inside the British Museum has an exhibit called “The History of Money.” I recently made a trip to London to talk to the exhibit's curator about the four and a half thousand years of currency that has gotten us to where we are today.

“It’s true what you and I think about money and how it concerns us and how it concerns our daily life is exactly the same as someone a millennial ago and that's what's so interesting about it and of course the same emotions are surely there.”  read more »