hillary clinton

The Retail Campaign


Election season is heating up as the battle for the white house goes the retail route.

In today’s world the people running for the country’s biggest job have another weapon in their arsenal; their online retail stores. They are used to raise money, increase the number of donors and poke fun at their competitors.

For example, after announcing his candidacy Senator Rand Paul’s online store began selling an item targeting Hillary Clinton. Now supporters can buy a gag gift called “Hillary’s hard drive” for just under $100.

Political experts say the online stores are a way to get people excited about the election, and consumers today are more comfortable shopping online than they were fifteen years ago. Plus candidates get a chance to show their playful side.  read more »

Presidential Wealth

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We just celebrated president's day and while you might not always appreciate the job our leaders do it's paid off; for them.

Every year he is president the commander in chief receives a salary of $400,000. In today's world that barely comes close to the salaries of top executives. But with book deals, investments and family money most presidents don't even touch their government issued paychecks. Others need it to survive and despite living at the most prestigious address in the country are considered middle class.  read more »

In the Green


The Nation’s budget might be in the red; but for some who control it things are looking pretty green.

According to MSN money, the personal wealth of Members of Congress increased by more than 5% between 2007 and 2010. And that wealth is held in a variety of ways.

Most have their cash in real estate, institutional funds and their spouses’ name. Others maintain their money in cash and business ownership.

And to give you an idea of how large some lawmakers are living MSN money has compiled a list of the 19 wealthiest Members of Congress.

Coming in at number 19 on the list is Representative Nita Lowey from New York. She has a net worth of $41 million thanks to a wealthy husband and a strong investment strategy.  read more »