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Election Ads Over


Do you hear something different on this station today? Or is it what you are not hearing?

Just listen to the commercials. Notice the difference? Ads promoting all the positive reasons you should buy their goods and services. Not a negative ad in the bunch. How refreshing. After eighteen months and more than a billion dollars spent on mostly negative political ads, you finally get a break. And so do the advertisers.  read more »

Election Winners


We’re just days away from the election and businesses are cashing in on the last minute opportunities.

After months of scandals, headlines and debates we are about to make a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And while most people in America are having a hard time deciding between the lesser of two evils, businesses are using the final days to their benefit.

A restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area has created two cocktails named “the Dirty Hombre” and “Nasty Woman;” both terms that came up in the final debate and are now helping people drink away their woes.  read more »

Political Games


The popular game Pokémon Go is getting a little political.

Two professors at Dartmouth College worked with developers of Pokémon Go to create a game called Hillary Donald Go. Instead of searching for Pokémon characters, players must find the nearest Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump booth and send their candidate good vibes to grow in support. Once a booth has received more than 50% of the good vibes from people who have discovered it, the booth will take on the face of that candidate.  read more »

Hillary's New Plane

clinton plane 2.jpg

Hillary Clinton is unveiling a new campaign strategy; at about 30,000 feet.

Earlier this week the Clinton campaign unveiled a new Boeing 737 plane that the democratic presidential candidate will use to criss-cross the country. The blue and white plane has the campaign logo “stronger together” plastered on the side and the letter “H” on the tail. But one of the biggest perks? The plane is large enough to fit the press corp.  read more »

The Bank of Trump


Donald Trump the politician is working the campaign trail, and it's paying off for Donald Trump the business man.

As Trump continues his run to the white house he has been crisscrossing the country in his own airplane. When he holds campaign events he chooses his own properties such as Trump Tower in New York. And when anyone serving his presidential run is hungry or thirsty the food, water and wine they are given usually come with the “Trump” label.  read more »

Postmortem Voting


The race for the white house has gotten so heated that even the dearly departed are chiming in.

It appears more and more likely that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will battle it out to become our next president. And while their campaigns are preparing for the upcoming attacks, the recently deceased also want to make sure their opinion is heard. Over the past couple month’s obituaries are being published that not only tell the life story of the person who just passed, but they are also leaving behind their political preference.  read more »

A New Address


So far Donald Trump's run to the white house is staying on track; so what's your back up plan?

Every election season Americans threaten to move to a different country if a certain candidate is elected. And this year, it's no different. According to a recent Google search more than 316,000 people searched “move abroad if Trump is elected.” Hillary Clinton was close behind with 240,000 people searching for ways to jump ship followed by Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.  read more »

Candidates and Wall Street


As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are closer to winning their party nominations, Wall Street's reaction to their impact is anything but certain.

Because Wall Street hates uncertainty, this year's election is giving investors the jitters, big time. Businessman Donald Trump is bombastic; with claims he is the best candidate to bring jobs back to America and beef up military spending. But he is short on detail of just how he will do that without causing trade wars, higher taxes and bigger deficits.  read more »

Best President for Business


This is one of the most heated presidential elections in decades, with candidates all claiming they are best for the economy. Rhetoric or reality?

Truth can be elusive when candidates pander to voters with promises of a chicken in every pot. Never mind those promises could get them in hot water when its time to deliver. Right now each offers lower taxes, less regulation and more jobs to a skeptical public grown weary of empty rhetoric.  read more »

Bernie Sanders


The race for the White House is heating up, and some people are wearing their support on their sleeves, literally.

Before election 2016 really got underway it appeared the Democratic Party had an obvious candidate in Hillary Clinton. Now her campaign is feeling the burn, thanks to the competition out of Vermont in the form of Bernie Sanders.  read more »