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Automated Health Care


In today's world everything is automated, so why not health care?

Jason Bellet is one of the co-founders of Eko Devices a company that is finding ways to monitor your health from the comfort of your own home. They started Eko while seniors at UC Berkeley with the idea that the stethoscope, a tool used by doctors all over the world should be brought into the 21st century. Recently they launched a cardiac device that allows you to send your heart sounds straight to your doctor’s computer and avoid going into the office or hospital.  read more »

Eko Duo Device


A revolutionary new device is taking health care out of your doctor's office and into your home.

“For the first time in history physicians can actually do a cardiac exam from their patient's bedside while they're sitting at the hospital.”

Jason Bellet is co-founder of Eko Devices. A company, based in the San Francisco bay area that first got attention for a blue tooth stethoscope attachment that tracks and logs your heart beat. Now the company has received FDA clearance for a new device called the Eko Duo Device.  read more »

The President's Tax Plan


President trump just marked one hundred days in office and the critiques are coming in.

Earlier this week the president brought up the idea of raising the federal gas tax, something that has not been raised since 1993. And like most of the president's proposal reaction is mixed. I recently spoke with John Chen, CEO and executive chairman of Blackberry who says the president's overall tax plan is a good one, and should have been tackled sooner.  read more »

Concierge Medical Care


Looking to raise a little money; why not give, in order to receive?

Aubrey Serfling is President and CEO of Eisenhower Medical Center, located in Rancho Mirage, California. Since coming aboard seventeen years ago Serfling has helped to bring in $615 million, mainly due to a unique method of fundraising.

“I think it is a creative way and it's probably one of the better ideas I've had. “

It's called 24/7 Major Donor Recognition. People who donate a minimum of $250,000 over five years receive instant care no matter the time of day for themselves, family and visiting friends.  read more »

Pay As You Go Medical Care


Looking for good medical care? Why not pay as you go?

“It doesn't involve a lot of people but it does involve some and I expect the trend if anything will probably increase or even grow. “

Aubrey Serfling is President and CEO at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California. A medical center where doctors have dropped out of traditional insurance plans including Medicare and operate in a cash pay environment. So you open your wallet and in return you receive high quality medical care whenever and how often you might need it. A trend popular with both patients and doctors.  read more »

A Make or Break Moment

obama speech.jpg

Greeting Congress just back from summer recess last night was President Obama, giving them an unprecedented one-topic State of the Union style address under the capital dome, designed to save his critically ill health care plan.

Media pundits called it the most important address of the Obama presidency, saying health care reform will die without his taking charge of the patient. But that is a big change from the Administrations earlier decision to avoid the failures of the Clinton administration by letting Congress write the first draft.  read more »

Sears Does Not Discount Its Workers

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I saw a wonderful report on the NBC Nightly News last night that gave me hope there really are some corporations out there that understand its employees really are its most valuable product. And a handshake wishing you well when you go off to serve really means something.

Brian Williams reported the story that Sears guarantees its employees called up for National Guard service in Iraq and Afghanistan they will have their jobs when they return. The law mandates that, but Sears goes a lot further.

It pays any differential between their Sears salary and their often lower National Guard paycheck. And it keeps them on its Sears company medical plan which is better than the government plan. All this costs Sears an estimated $10 million dollars a year. But Sears does not seem to mind.  read more »