harry potter

Harry's House


It was the house that set the foundation for a beloved set of a books and a successful movie franchise, and now it could be yours.

The house that was used as the setting for Harry Potter's childhood home is up for sale in England. This is where the boy wizard got his start, living in a cupboard under the stairs before finding out he was meant for bigger things. And yes the real house that is up for sale, does have a cupboard under the stairs where hardcore fans can set up a Harry Potter bedroom of their own.  read more »

Elevators of the Future


Elevators of the future are heading in a new direction, literally.

The company Thyssenkrup has introduced a new building system called the multi elevator. The idea behind it is that our current system of getting between floors takes up too much space in a building. And since the population rate doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon the company decided that it would devise another option.

So as an alternative the new system would be made up of several cabins in the same elevator shaft that move up, down and sideways. Think of it like the moving staircases in Harry Potter or the elevator with no boundaries in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The company says the new system will also allow buildings of the future to be built with different heights, shapes and purposes.  read more »

The Invisibility Cloak


Harry Potter was a global sensation; now parts of his wizarding world might be flying off the pages.

According to MSN, the Canadian company Hyperstealth Biotechnology has developed an invisibility cloak. The company, known for designing camouflage says the technology works by bending light waves around the wearer. It removes the visual, night vision and thermal vision of anyone looking at it making whatever is underneath invisible to the naked eye.

The company’s president says the material has been tested by the U.S. and Canadian military, and they can vouch for the technology and that it works without batteries, lights or mirrors. The company is working with the U.S. military to develop the material even further.  read more »

Potter's Disappearing Act


The wizarding world of Harry Potter is taking a page from Disney and disappearing.

Warner brothers has announced that on December 29th it will pull all Harry Potter DVD’s and blu-rays from store shelves. This move will follow the November eleventh release of the final installment in the boy wizard’s saga. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two” is expected to send sales soaring just in time for the holiday shopping season. Also on November 11th, Warner Brothers will release a box set of all eight Harry Potter films.  read more »

The Potter Spell


The last Harry Potter movie has been released but the magic is far from over.

The collection of sheds and sound stages where the eight movies were shot is now being converted into the official “Making of Harry Potter” tour. Located in an aerodrome near London the tour will include authentic props and sites from the wizarding world. Tours of the 150,000 square foot site won’t start until March 31st but tickets went on sale earlier this week. No word yet on what they will cost. But the studio promises that the experience will be worth your money.  read more »

A Christmas List


Christmas may be months away, but the shopping list is already out.

Toy Insider has released their list of what it thinks will be the top toys of the 2011 holiday season. And topping that list is a dancing and singing Elmo and interactive Harry Potter game. A co-publisher with Toy Insider says the list takes some of the stress out of holiday shopping. She says they look for toys that will engage children and not end up at the bottom of the closet.

This year the biggest trend for toys is social interaction with parents and kids. Cell phone applications are also making their way under the Christmas tree. Toy Insider says the stuffed angry bird toys will be a popular gift. They are based off the characters in the widely played game.  read more »