happy cows

Wine Tainted Beef

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A good wine can enhance a meal; unless it’s already included.

According to two Frenchmen premium, high quality beef comes from cows that indulge in an after dinner drink. And they should know; the wine maker and cattle farmer serve their cows two bottles of wine a day.

Last year wine maker Jean Charles Tastavy decided to conduct an experiment to determine if happy cows really did produce better meat. So he teamed up with a local farmer and began serving three cows water mixed with pressed grapes. The cows enjoyed it so much that they were soon served real, locally produced wine.  read more »

Happy Cows


Happy cows might come from California but the joy is spreading.

Dairy cows in Wisconsin are now getting special treatment from farmers who think a little extra love will be good for business. So to help up their production values creature comforts such as water beds, classical music and chiropractors are now being introduced.

Farmers say it is no secret that a content cow gives more milk. But they say the usual methods of food, a comfortable temperature and space to move around are no longer enough. So the water beds are being brought in for them to lie on and the classical music is a method of relaxation. Then to give older cows a tune-up or fix minor problems in calf’s veterinarians are giving chiropractic adjustments complete with a spinal massage.  read more »