Cyber Security


A group of students from California is hoping to create a cyber road block for every hacker in the world.

The team which calls itself Shellphish is from the University of California Santa Barbara. They are currently in Las Vegas for the Cyber Grand Challenge; an event put on by the company that helped create the internet and self-driving cars. The purpose? To come up with the next big idea.

So Shellphish is working on a program that in just seconds can hunt for, fix and patch the type of software holes that hackers use to create viruses. Right now it currently takes human cybersecurity experts up to a year to locate a problem, fix it and send out a patch. In that time hackers can get into your system and steal everything.  read more »

Online Privacy


Looking for a little privacy; keep looking.

“There’s no more privacy. Privacy as we know it is gone the genies out of the bottle so we need to protect our own privacy because no one’s going to do it for us; not the government, not law enforcement, not your mom no one.”

Nick Montano has been a licensed private investigator for the past 33 years. I recently spoke with him about the dangers of the digital world.

“You have to be diligent on your security and your protection and you have to make sure that you don’t put your social security number out there that you don’t put your home address out there, you protect as much as you can.”  read more »

Hacking Facebook


Facebook wants to be hacked; and they’re going to pay you to do it.

Under its new bug bounty, Facebook is inviting professional security researchers and hackers to send the company details about any vulnerable areas. And if you find something Facebook will make it worth your while. So far the company has paid out more than $40,000 to people who have found some weak spots.

Facebook’s chief security officer says one person was given a $5,000 bounty for one exceptional report. Another person has earned more than $7,000 for flagging down six different issues. People from more than sixteen countries have successfully submitted bounty bugs. And Facebook is now keeping a public thank you list in recognition of their efforts.  read more »

iPad Users Beware


iPad users beware. Apple’s latest gadget has only been on the market a week and security has already been breached.  read more »