High Tech Relief


The world is witnessing a disaster and now we’re getting some high tech relief.

Japan has suffered though a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and a deadly tsunami. Aftershocks still rattle the region amid fears of nuclear reactor meltdowns. And some of the biggest tech companies are stepping in to offer help as rescuers continue their searches and clean-up gets underway.

Silicon Valley based Google has an online “people finder” for people seeking information about a loved one. You can go to this site to post information about who you are looking for or you can post information about a person you have found. Microsoft is offering free technical support and temporary software licenses to help companies impacted by the quake. They have also pledged $250,000 in cash.  read more »

A New King in Town


For the past few years Google has been king of the online kingdom but one connected company is looking to steal its throne.

Facebook is challenging Google’s supremacy with a new approach to how people live, work, play and search online. Currently, Google delivers search results to people based on their web history. Facebook is stepping up to the plate by personalizing the user’s web experience with their own “likes” and recommendations from their Facebook friends.  read more »

Google Earth Goes Underwater

google earth.jpg

Google Earth is going under the sea, and certain smart phone users can take the dive too.

Google Earth 1.1 allows users to head to the ocean floor. And while Google Earth is currently available on both the android and the iPhone, this upgrade is android only. A move some analysts say might sway consumers towards Verizon’s android and away from the Apple powerhouse.  read more »