Well Paid Interns


Some of the highest paid people in Silicon Valley; aren’t even on the list of employees.

The days are warming up and the school year is winding down. That means a new group of fresh faced interns are filling the halls of some of the most powerful companies in the country. And it’s not just the perk of saying “I work at Facebook or Google” that has hundreds of young adults applying for the opportunity. It’s the perks.

Interns get to enjoy the same things as full time employees including bikes, massages and swimming pools. Facebook even offers housing to interns who find it easier to stay on campus. But if you think this makes up for the fact that they’re unpaid; think again.  read more »

Driverless Cars


Google is turning the corner on the road to a driverless car.

In a new blog entry the tech powerhouse says the test cars are now able to handle thousands of situations on city streets that would have stumped them a year ago. Project directors say they are optimistic about their goal for a car that can fully operate without human intervention.

This is the first official update on the project since 2012. The company says its goal is to make the technology public by 2017. Google says if all goes well passengers could read, daydream even sleep while the car handles all the driving. The only catch is that should the technology fail someone in the car would need to take over the driving.  read more »



Apple is accelerating efforts to link your smartphone with your car.

Right now Apple and Google are going head to head to develop technology that makes mobile apps more accessible to people behind the wheel. Google says it should have something ready to show off by the end of the year; but Apple just upped the ante. This week Ferrari, Mercedes-Benzes and Volvo announced they are already previewing apple’s iPhone technology at an auto show in Geneva.

Called “CarPlay” the system enables users to plug into cars so drivers can call up maps, make calls and request music with voice commands or a dashboard screen. Apple says iPhone users want their content at their fingertips and car play lets people use their phones in the car without losing focus.  read more »

Google's Barge


Google answers the world's questions; but what happens when it becomes the question?

Right now Google has a large barge floating near San Francisco in a sea of mystery. However it seems the case has been cracked by the local CBS television news team.

The barge is apparently going to be used to market the Google glass and whatever gizmo's are yet to roll off factory lines. It will use shipping containers as buildings and will feature luxury showrooms and a party deck. That deck includes bars, a patio and is designed to entertain Google’s upscale customers.  read more »

Apple Maps


Apple maps is back in the news and still in need of direction.

A few months ago Apple kicked Google maps to the curb and began relying on its own navigation app. Unfortunately the company hit a few roadblocks in the form of roads that no longer exist and unnecessary detours. Then Apple seemed to smooth out the road and get people heading in the right direction; until now.

According to the British newspaper “The Independent” Apple's map app is misleading drivers again and steering them right down an airport runway. Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska says that twice in the past three weeks out of town drivers have driven through the airport after been given bad directions on their iPhones.  read more »

A Workplace Wonderland


Feel like a vacation; then head to the office.

Tech companies are flying out of the recession with a new business plan; incentives. More than ever before Silicon Valley companies want their employees in the office. It started with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer banning the practice of telecommuting and has moved to extra-large office space and job perks.  read more »

Google's Robotic Car


Google’s robot car is being given the green light in California.

Earlier this week California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that allows Google’s robot cars to hit the road. The catch? The cars are self-driven and can operate without any human assistance. People can still sit in the driver’s seat, but the car will do all the work.

But Google isn’t being given free reign over the roadways. The bill requires the state department of motor vehicles to set up regulations for driverless cars by the start of 2015. Each car will need to be approved for the road and drivers will need a separate permit to sit behind the wheel. And since computers have a tendency to crash drivers will also need to prove they are ready to take over should the situation call for it.  read more »

Stumping the Twitter Verse


Twitter is an outlet for your every thought; but some tweets you should keep to yourself.

Last weekend Rodney King was found dead at the bottom of his pool. Like most major headlines the news quickly went viral and began trending on twitter. King became famous after he was videotaped being beaten by Los Angeles police in 1991. But shortly after the news of his death people began tweeting the question; “who is Rodney King?”

And it’s not the first time. The same question went out after the death of Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb and TV host Dick Clark. But it’s not just the dearly departed baffling twitter users; historical events have many stumped as well.  read more »

The New Hollywood


There is a new Hollywood emerging and it’s a little further north.

According to the New York Times more people are becoming fascinated with the lives of the people ruling over Silicon Valley. For example the wedding of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan made the cover of People magazine and the paparazzi have followed them on every leg of their Italian honeymoon.

Ryan Tate a former gossip blogger for Gawker says more interest is being spent on people such as Zuckerberg, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the heads of companies such as Google and Dropbox. He says when the economic news is so bad people want to be distracted by the lives of celebrities. And these days those celebrities reside in Silicon Valley where some of the richest people are under 35.  read more »

Your Back-up Plan


Left home without your wallet? Google has a back-up plan for you.

According to the Wall Street Journal Google is pairing up with Citigroup and MasterCard to set up a mobile payment system that will turn Android phones into an electronic wallet. The Journal says the technology is still in the early stages. But when up and running it will allow people to wave their Android phones in front of a small reader at checkout counters to pay for purchases.

Sources told the Journal that the payment system will allow Google to offer retailers more information about their customers. It will also help them target the type of discounts and advertisements mobile users would appreciate.  read more »