google maps

Exploring the International Space Station


Ever dreamed of exploring space? Here's your chance.

By now you're familiar with Google Maps street view. The feature that lets you click around whatever address you put in to feel like you are actually standing in that spot. In its ten years of existence Google has now added 3D walk arounds for mountains, the ocean floor, popular buildings and now the International Space Station. That's right with free admission, zero training and a limited education you can know see what the astronauts see and find out what they're doing up there.  read more »

Apple's New Direction


After a few years of misdirection it looks like Apple maps is finally on he right path.

When it debuted in 2012, Apple maps quickly became the butt of any joke about getting lost. It became famous for overlooking many towns and businesses, one person reported being directed into a lake. New York's Madison Square Garden was labeled as park space because of the word "garden" in its name. Hiccups for a company known for producing simple, easy to use products. But now it looks like Apple has turned things around.  read more »

Apple Maps


Apple maps is back in the news and still in need of direction.

A few months ago Apple kicked Google maps to the curb and began relying on its own navigation app. Unfortunately the company hit a few roadblocks in the form of roads that no longer exist and unnecessary detours. Then Apple seemed to smooth out the road and get people heading in the right direction; until now.

According to the British newspaper “The Independent” Apple's map app is misleading drivers again and steering them right down an airport runway. Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska says that twice in the past three weeks out of town drivers have driven through the airport after been given bad directions on their iPhones.  read more »