google driverless cars

A People Free Town


There's a new town in Michigan; and its population is zero.

Earlier this week a 32 acre town was revealed at the University of Michigan. It contains all the features of a small suburb with one major exception, there are no people. According to the town has an entire network of roads, sidewalks and traffic signals. There's even a downtown area complete with fake buildings and outdoor dining areas.  read more »

Driverless Cars

google car.jpg

Distracted driving is about to get a lot less distracting.

According to Google it will soon be possible to do all the things in your car that takes your attention off the road. In fact in the next few years the one thing you won't have to do while driving; is actually drive.

Earlier this week Google announced that expects real people to be using driverless cars on real roads in the next two to five years. The company says while people will actually get a chance to get behind the wheel the cars would still be test vehicles. Google says it is still examining how the cars interact with pedestrians and other drivers; so any data they record will be closely monitored.  read more »

Driverless Cars


Google is turning the corner on the road to a driverless car.

In a new blog entry the tech powerhouse says the test cars are now able to handle thousands of situations on city streets that would have stumped them a year ago. Project directors say they are optimistic about their goal for a car that can fully operate without human intervention.

This is the first official update on the project since 2012. The company says its goal is to make the technology public by 2017. Google says if all goes well passengers could read, daydream even sleep while the car handles all the driving. The only catch is that should the technology fail someone in the car would need to take over the driving.  read more »