A Fashion Forward Jacket


Your next hi-tech device could be hanging in your closet.

Google has announced that it has partnered up with Levi’s to create a technology laced jacket that is set to be released next spring. It's called Jacquard and Google says the project has been in development since last year.

Besides being comfortable and resistant to the elements the jacket comes equipped with tiny sensors that connect to various services on your smartphone such as calls, texts, Google maps and Spotify. So if you're wearing the jacket and your phone rings you can wave your hand over the sleeve to either accept or decline the call. You can also run your finger up and down your wrist cuff to turn your music up and down or swipe to get to the next song.  read more »

Google Calendar


In addition to answering life's burning questions; google is now keeping you in check.

More often than now your personal goals of learning a language, taking up yoga or even catching up with friends gets pushed to the back burner. Now Google calendar is helping you stay on top of the things that are important to you with a new automated feature. Right now Google calendar features a floating action button, now when you tap that button you will see a flag icon that will let you set a goal.

The app will then find a time in your calendar to accomplish it and will allow you to move it around if necessary. Over time the more you use the app the better it works. As you continue to cancel or move goals, the app will learn the best places to schedule them in order for you to keep them.  read more »

April Fool's Day


A few days ago Google got in on the April fool’s day action; but it looks like the joke was on them.

To celebrate the day of pranks Google added a feature to its Gmail system called mic drop. It was an orange button next to the regular blue send button that allowed people to send their emails with an animated image of a minions character dropping a microphone.

However it turns out the feature literally ended the conversation, making it impossible for the sender to even see any replies to their email. And the location of the orange button next to the regular send button didn't sit well with users either.  read more »

A Self Inflicted Crash


It looks like Google’s self-driving cars have run into a little bit of trouble.

After maintaining a spotless driving record for the past couple years one of Google’s self-driving cars has gotten into an accident; and this time it's the cars fault. During past test runs self-driving cars have been involved in minor crashes but they were always the fault of the person behind the wheel of the other car.

But according to Autoblog one of the self-driving cars recently crashed into a bus after it misjudged whether that bus would slow down and allow it to change lanes. No one was hurt in the accident and Google acknowledged what happened saying that its software was still a work in progress.  read more »

Company Names


They're some of the biggest companies in the business world, but how did they pick a name we will never forget?

Because of their success company names such as Lego and Ikea are very familiar to us. But how did they choose a name that would resonate with consumers? To find out how CEO's determine what will go on their letter heads, Business Insider tracked down the thinking behind some of the biggest names we know.  read more »

Google's Teddy Bear


It looks like Google is taking its inspiration from horror movies.

In 1988 a movie starring a child's toy that comes to life and starts killing people became a sensation. Fast forward to 2012 and it turns out one of the world's biggest tech companies has filed a patent for its very own Chucky.

According to a legal technology firm, Google has filed a patent for a smart teddy bear that can communicate with you and control your devices. The bear would include a microphone, speakers, motors and a camera. It will also have a Wi-Fi connection to your network so it can have power over everything from your TV to thermostat.  read more »

The New Car Industry

electric car.png

The future of the car industry is driving into Silicon Valley.

Following in the brake pads of Tesla and Google, Apple is rumored to start developing an electric car. According to various reports the company has developed a unit called Titan. Hundreds of staff members have reportedly been assigned to the unit and the target date for the car is 2020.

Of course Apple is not commenting but the plan puts the company in line with Tesla, the current king of the electric car and Google's self-driving car. Before the tech industry got behind the wheel the U.S. auto industry was rooted in Detroit. And the top three automakers; General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are taking the outside threat seriously.  read more »

Driverless Cars

google car.jpg

Distracted driving is about to get a lot less distracting.

According to Google it will soon be possible to do all the things in your car that takes your attention off the road. In fact in the next few years the one thing you won't have to do while driving; is actually drive.

Earlier this week Google announced that expects real people to be using driverless cars on real roads in the next two to five years. The company says while people will actually get a chance to get behind the wheel the cars would still be test vehicles. Google says it is still examining how the cars interact with pedestrians and other drivers; so any data they record will be closely monitored.  read more »

Google's Crash Course


When it comes to its self-driving cars Google is on a collision course with motor city.

Two years ago a team of Google engineers and business staffers met with some of the world's largest car makers. At first both sides were excited about the idea of a car that could drive on its own; but soon it became clear that they were on opposite sides of the road.

People on both sides say the most recent source of disagreement is Google's latest prototype. A tiny pod shaped car with a flexible windshield for safety and a spinning cone for navigation. The car is limited to a speed of 25 miles an hour and do away with long standing features that include a steering wheel, brake and gas pedal.  read more »

A Special Vacation Request


Worried about asking for a day off? Get someone else to do it for you.

One Google employee is getting the first week of July off work but the extra time off comes with a catch. He needs to spend those days with his daughter since she’s the one who scored them in the first place.

The man’s young daughter Katie wrote a letter to her father’s boss asking if he could have a day off to celebrate his birthday. She wrote “can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off; because daddy only gets a day off on Saturday.” She signs it P.S. it is summer you know.  read more »