Apple's Golden Ticket


Apple is working on a new flavor and it’s not sitting well with the target audience.

According to its supply source in Taiwan Apple's new iPhone will come cloaked in gold. The Silicon Valley powerhouse has yet to comment; but experts say with China expected to overtake India as the world's biggest gold consumer this new option is clearly aimed at the Far East.

Unfortunately they might not be buying it; literally. Shoppers at an Apple store in Beijing say gold should not be coupled with what they consider the pinnacle of modern technology. They say they are more concerned with screen size and operating system then color.  read more »

Your Weight in Gold


Dubai has a new diet plan; and it's worth your weight in gold.

To coincide with the holy month of Ramadan Dubai’s government is launching a 30 day weight loss challenge. During Ramadan people refrain from eating and drinking in the daytime hours. But when the sun sets people stuff their faces with traditional dishes loaded with fat and sugar.

So in order to counteract the calorie intake Dubai officials are offering people one gram of gold for every kilogram of weight they lose. In today's market that is about $42 for every 2.2 pounds dropped.

To participate people need to be overweight and willing to lose at least two kilograms. But they have to drop the pounds in a healthy manner and need to show up for a weigh in on the last day of the contest.  read more »

Technological Gold


Need some extra cash; raid your home office.

It has been a volatile few weeks on the stock market; but one commodity still holding strong is gold. And these days there are many gold buying companies looking to snap up the high priced metal. And if you don’t have any jewelry lying around you can still mine gold from your old computers and electronic devices.

According to Yahoo Tech, most of your gadgets use gold as contact materials because it is a great conductor and doesn’t easily corrode or degrade. While the tiny bits of metal aren’t worth much on their own, if you have several pieces of old technology lying around you could scrap together a small fortune. But the road from gold to gadget is a tough one.  read more »

The Golden Machine


A new type of ATM has been installed at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. And it spits out more than money.

The machine, installed by German entrepreneur Thomas Geissler gives you pure gold in exchange for the local currency. And in a palace where cappuccinos are topped with gold flakes, the machine is fitting in well.  read more »