Minimum Wage Woes


Germany has a new minimum wage law, but not everyone is cashing in.

This year the German chancellor introduced the country's first minimum wage law. It requires that employees get paid at least $9 an hour. Supporters of the minimum wage law said more than three million people would benefit from the increase in pay. However when it comes to the bottom line of most employees, that doesn't seem to be the case.

The Food and Catering Union says it is fielding up to 400 calls a day from people who say their employees are finding creative ways around the new law. Butchers say they are being told to pay $106 a month to use the knives required to do their job right. Bakers say they are being paid in warm bread and soft pastries instead of cold hard cash.  read more »

Waste Not, Want Not


People in Germany are diving into dumpsters; and they’re on the hunt for all things edible.

Every night people fire up their flashlights and scour dumpsters behind restaurants and stores looking for food. But it’s not poverty fueling their hunger its anger over the amount of food wasted every year.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture organization 1/3 of all food produced worldwide is thrown away; an annual loss of one trillion dollars. So to fight back a group of German teenagers have started an online program called “Foodsharing.”  read more »

Pay Up Prostitutes


The world’s oldest profession now requires a ticket.

Prostitutes working in the West German city of Bonn must now purchase a ticket from a parking meter-like machine before hitting the streets. In Germany the women pay income tax but because they can be hard to track down the money can be hard to collect. These new meters are designed to make sure the tax system is fairly implemented.  read more »

Paul the Psychic Octopus


A psychic octopus is getting back to his old job after predicting the Spanish victory in the world cup and receiving a trophy of this own.

Paul the Octopus turned into a worldwide celebrity after successfully picking the winner of eight world cup matches. And now that the soccer showdown is over Paul will settle down at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany where he has become a feature attraction. Sea Life Supervisor Daniel Fey says it’s time for Paul to say good-bye to the world. Fey says he really enjoyed all the media attention and visitors but needs to retire from the spotlight.  read more »

A Failed Robbery


Police in Germany are on the hunt for suspects responsible for a huge public disturbance dureing an attempted bank robbery. A bank robbery they ran away from empty handed.

Robbers in Germany were forced to flee the scene of their would-be crime empty handed after blowing up everything but the cash machine. In the Northeastern village of Malliss, police and the local media were reporting a scene of devastation following the attempted robbery.  read more »

A Repeat Offender


It takes a desperate man to rob a bank, but it takes a stupid man to rob the same bank twice.

This recession has many people turning to extreme measures to stay afloat. But one man in Germany was so desperate for some extra cash he attempted to make a forced withdrawal from his local bank, not once but twice and in a 24 hour time span. A police spokesman says the 50 year old felon was released from jail for holding up a bank in northern Germany. A few hours later he returned to the same bank, flashed a pistol and said “I was here yesterday and I want money again today.”  read more »