gas prices

Timely Gas Prices


High gas prices got you down? Maybe you’re timing is off.

Looking to save a couple of bucks at the pump? Turns out there are a few factors that could make your next fill up a little less expensive. Many people think that it’s best to buy gas in the morning or the evening when it’s cooler outside. But experts say while it’s true the best prices are found before noon it has nothing to do with temperature.

Brad Proctor, founder of says every morning the big company gas stations get a list of their competitor’s prices. That information helps set that day’s price and then other stations in the area start to follow suit. Proctor says this process gives you about an hour or two to find a lower price.  read more »

Boycott at the Pump


The national average for a gallon of gas is around $3. And if tht price makes you cringe, just be grateful you're not filling up in McGrath, Alaska.

The residents of McGrath, located 415 miles north of Anchorage are reaching deep into their wallets at the pump. Earlier this week they saw the price of gas jump from $6 a gallon to $9.20. The price increase happened overnight and residents are fuming.  read more »

It truly is a Happy Thanksgiving!

You may think offering that special Happy Thanksgiving toast during your turkey dinner this year may be tough to do. But it shouldn’t be.

Sure, we’ve hit a bad patch on our economic road to riches that some may say has become a road to ruin. Greed and fear, the twin idols of Wall Street, have yet again reared their ugly heads. In response, wagging fingers are pointing at bankers, regulators and consumers who deceived the system and themselves.
But downturns, even as severe as this one, have a way of cleansing the system of its scoundrels. And it becomes the perfect opportunity to focus on basics.  read more »