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Your identity can easily be stolen; especially if it's just given away.

With just weeks before her wedding Emily Dreyfuss... daughter of the actor Richard Dreyfuss ordered her fiancée a tie and pocket square from Banana Republic. But when the package came it contained more than just accessories.

Instead it held the confidential files of 20 former Gap employees including social security numbers and W4 tax forms. Banana Republic is part of the Gap corporation. Dreyfuss says the package contained three envelopes labeled HR Administration. Besides the tax and social security information she found handwritten resignation letters, doctors notes and salary information. Basically the complete employment history of all 20 employees.  read more »

Nowhere to Shop


The country is still recovering from the recession; and for some companies the cure could mean closing doors.

According to Forbes many retailers are now realizing they overbuilt; and the only way to stay in business is by closing stores and outlets. Last year American chain stores announced they were closing about 3,000 locations. This was down from the 5,000 that closed the year before. But we aren’t out of the water yet because 2012 is going to bring closures from some of the biggest stores in business.  read more »