A New Jackpot


When it comes to Vegas the house is still a big winner; but not on the casino floor.

A new poll by the national gambling lobby found that the Las Vegas clubs are over shadowing the casinos. According to that same poll 26% of people would trade the slot machine for the disco ball.

Right now sin city has 21 of the country's 100 most profitable nightclubs. And seven of those are in the top ten; pulling in more than $25 million a year. And with people forgoing a night of gambling for a couple turns on the dance floor; casinos need to keep up.

Besides DJ’s clubs are also hiring lighting directors and sound technicians. Others are giving out 3-D glasses at the door and timing confetti canons to explode at the climax of whatever song happens to be playing.  read more »

Internet Addicts


The world is at our fingertips; and some people just can't put it down.

Thanks to the increase of smartphones, hand held tablets and an app for everything people can't get away from the internet. So for people looking to unplug; there are clinics for that.

The latest center to treat internet addicts is opening this week in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Dr. Kimberly Young will head the new program and says since 1994 she has privately treated people who can't control their online activity. Dr. Young says Americans are just starting to realize the problem with spending hours in front of a glowing screen but South Korea and China are leaders in the treatment field.  read more »

Atlantic City Strippers


Atlantic City is losing revenue; and it's fighting back by losing clothes.

Over the past few years the city by the shore has been losing money to casinos in nearby states. It used to pull in about $5.2 billion a year; now that number is down to just over three billion. So to boost the bottom line Atlantic City is opening a strip club inside a casino for the first time since gambling became legal in 1976.

Next month scores; a famous New York strip club becomes part of the Trump Taj Mahal. The $25 million club will feature five VIP rooms, 11 stripper poles and an ultra-VIP room for celebrities and high rollers. The cover charge ranges from $10 to $30 and no cash necessary. Scores will offer diamond dollars which can be charged to credit cards at a 20% mark up.  read more »

A Superficial Jackpot


Playing the slots at one Atlantic City casino could alter more than your bank account.

At the Trump Taj Mahal the unexpected jackpot could include Botox, cheek implants or liposuction. Called the “Trump Taj Mahal Nip, Tuck and Lift” sweepstakes; the winner receives $25,000 towards the plastic surgery of their choice. Players can earn chances to win the knife wielding makeover through the month of October; the grand prize winner will be announced on October 29th at the casino.  read more »

Sexing Up Atlantic City


Atlantic City is hoping to score some more customers and they’re gambling with the idea that sex really does sell.

Gambling in Atlantic City started to take off in 1978. Since then the city has been town over marketing themselves as family friendly or the sin city of the east coast. But lately it seems a direction has been chosen and it’s scantily clad. Blackjack dealers in the casinos are now wearing lingerie, there’s a new million dollar “gentlemen’s club” and soon visitors can enjoy the naked circus.  read more »

Royal Odds

will and kate 2.jpg

A royal wedding is in the works and people are already cashing in.

Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton have only been engaged for a couple of weeks but their big news is providing a big boost for some bank accounts. Earlier this week the official wedding date of April 29th 2011 was announced. And bookmaker William Hill says the date cost his firm about $54,000 to people who bet on the right date. A spokesman for the company says that payout is nothing compared to the $158,000 shelled out when the couple confirmed their engagement. And the booking business is far from over.  read more »

Hitting bottom before bouncing back

The weak economy is hitting people hard, and some are not handling it well. Clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Paul Good says that gambling was a factor in Wall Street’s downfall and folks on main street are also at risk. Dr. Good says that typically when gamblers have a big loss they throw more money into the pot and chase their loss.  read more »

Bailout giving gamblers chips on Wall Street

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist Dr. Paul Good talks about the government bailout just providing another opportunity for gamblers addicted to the action on Wall Street to "get more chips into the game". It is a scathing indictment of a financial system gone wild, and includes his own recommendation. You should never bail out family members who have a gambling problem. So neither should you bail out Wall Street workers who have a gambling problem.

Pathological Gambling on Wall Street

Dr. Paul Good, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist says “pathological gambling on Wall Street an epidemic.”