Selfie Stick ban


Packing for your next vacation? There's one item you're going to have to leave behind.

Some of the biggest tourist attractions across the world are banning the ever present “selfie stick.” Designed to make it easier to take your own picture in front of something awesome, the long sticks are becoming a nuisance for everyone around you. Plus people not lucky enough to be in your picture are tired of selfie sticks popping up in the background of their own snapshots.  read more »

Topless Tanning


Summer is winding down and the French women are taking topless tanning with it.

When it comes to vacationing in France topless sunbathers are as common as fine dining and a lot of attitude. But now people say the days of an even tan are fading as more women opt out of baring their top half.

Feminists say the latest trend is disappointing. They say in the 1960's and 70's there was a huge push by the Vatican and the Spanish church to ban topless sunbathing; something France refused to do. But now women are willingly covering up and feminists say the swimsuit and smartphone industries are too blame.  read more »

French Cuisine


The French are known for their food; and it's about to taste even better.

This week Paris lawmakers made it legal for restaurants to label a dish homemade. But in order to do so it has to be made in house and from fresh ingredients. This comes after the job of most chefs has gone from chopping vegetables and experimenting with sauces to opening pre-packaged food and pressing the button on the microwave.

Chefs and restaurant owners say the switch to cheaper and ready to make food came when the economy tanked. With less people eating out they were forced to cut back on certain things to keep the doors open. And in many cases that included fresh and natural ingredients.  read more »

A Friendlier Paris


The city of love is getting extra friendly.

Fed up with its “rude to tourists” reputation Paris officials are educating locals on how to welcome people with open arms. Local tourism officials say taxi drivers, waiters, and sales staff are often called impolite, not helpful and unable to speak foreign languages.

So to boost popularity officials are handing out a manual with guidelines on better etiquette. The six page book is called “Do You Speak Tourist” and features greetings in eight languages including German, Chinese and Portuguese. The manual also has advice on the spending habits and cultural norms of different nationalities.  read more »

The Anti-Social French


Facebook and Twitter are being de-friended by the French.

Mentioning either of the social networking sites has been banned by French officials on radio and television. The only exception is if they are the subject of a major news story. French officials are citing a 1992 law for the new restriction. This states that programs can not advertise or promote private companies. Journalists will also not be able to say things like “follow us on Twitter” or “visit our Facebook page.”

Instead they’re being encouraged to adopt the phrase “find us on social networks.” Officials say cutting down on the Facebook and Twitter shout-outs will also give smaller companies a chance to gain some recognition.  read more »

A Second Look


World Cup fans are furious over controversial calls made on the field. And with the whole world watching, FIFA should take a second look at second looks.

I spent the Fourth of July weekend on holiday in Ireland and had a chance to talk to David Daly, a successful developer and avid World Cup fan. Last year Ireland made sports headlines when it was knocked out of the World Cup by France, following a controversial handball by Thierry Henry.

With other bad calls made by referees during the games, many fans are screaming for FIFA to use American style instant replays after disputed calls. Daly says until FIFA adopts camera technology, not every game will be played fair.  read more »