Tackling Football


China is tackling the American game of football, and they're hoping to score a profit.

GSG Sport is a company based in Beijing that is working to promote American football in a country that tends to favor basketball and soccer. The company is working to attract parents that might be seeking a different kind of game for their children to learn so it has started a 16 team future league that welcomes both boys and girls.

Right now one of the best players in the league is a nine-year-old girl named Lisa who plays running back and linebacker. Her father says since playing the game Lisa has become more confident and brave. Lisa, along with the rest of the league face off on Friday nights, in games complete with uniformed referees, cheering fans and a camera crew.  read more »

The Business of Football


The rules of football are changing; to a business plan.

At a recent charity event benefitting a bay area food bank i spoke with former NFL player Jesse Sapolu. During his 14 years with the San Francisco 49ers he played center and offensive guard helping the team win four super bowl rings. I asked him what some of the biggest differences are between his days on the field and today.

“Well obviously the money is so much bigger now, social media, you cringe every time ESPN talks about one player that gets in trouble almost every day. But that's the world we live in now.”  read more »

A Taste of the NFL

taste 2.png

The NFL is teaming up with food banks all across the country; and they're hoping to score against hunger.

The day before the super bowl the NFL is hosting an event called “A Taste of the NFL.” It will feature a chef from each NFL city along with a current or former player from that city's team. They will have a table where guests can taste a dish designed to complement a wine. Up until that event similar tastings are happening all across the country. I recently spoke with former San Francisco 49er Eric Wright at the event in the bay area.

“If it's not in your heart and you're just out here and you really don't want to be here then i don't invite you, you have to want to give.”  read more »