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Sometimes the food and wine industry isn’t just about taste.

Mark Stanich is the Chief Marketing Officer and President of Digital Media at American Express Publishing. At a recent food and wine festival I talked to him about changes in the industry; an important topic to the company which publishes Food and Wine magazine. Stanich says over the past few years people began focusing more on the food and less on the wine; but now that’s changing and the industry is realizing they go hand in hand.

“A great meal being not just the food a great meal is really the experience and part of that experience is what you’re drinking with the food.”  read more »

Perfect Price


People have been tightening their purse strings in the past year. So indulgences such as a night on the town often come down to one big item on the menu, price.

At least week's third annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine event sponsored by American Express Publishing, I talked with Dana Cowin, the Editor-in-Chief of Food and Wine Magazine. Cowin says over the past year people focused on price and in the process discovered they could get great food and great wine for a lot less money. Cowin says the recession appears to finally be lifting but to get patrons to pay more now, chefs and winemakers need to get creative.  read more »