Five Second Rule


According to a new study, the five second rule might not taste so good.

Either you've heard of it or you've done it; drop a piece of food on the floor, pick it up, dust it off and go about your business. Now a new study by researchers at Rutgers University might be putting the kibosh on your food saving ways.

They found that bacteria can contaminate your food the second it hits the floor. And of course the longer your food stays on the floor the more extra flavors it is going to have. The research also found that the type of food and surface is also important when it comes to how much bacteria will attract and how easily it will stick.  read more »

High Price Nutrition


Is dinnertime getting harder to afford; some of your staple ingredients could be to blame.

Prices are on the rise everywhere but it’s the grocery store that’s really taking a bite out of your budget. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation; fourteen of the sixteen supermarket chains they track increased prices between the first and second quarters of this year.

And to help you calculate where your money is going on they have cooked up a list of the fourteen most common items bought. The list shows how much the product has gone up and how you can save money if it’s still on your shopping list.  read more »

Always Hungry


In a rough economy your shopping might be limited to the basics. But no matter how bad things get people still need to eat.

At the recent Pebble Beach Food and Wine event sponsored by American Express Publishing, I sat down with celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck. Since arriving in Los Angeles back in 1975, Puck has expanded his empire from his flagship Hollywood restaurant Spago to supermarket pizzas and frozen foods. Wolfgang says he wanted to create food that people could afford when money is tight.  read more »

Waste Not, Want Not


The weak economy may have cost you a job or a raise, or even what food you buy.

I spoke with celebrity chefs Jacques and Claudine Pepin at last weeks Pebble Beach Food and Wine event sponsored by American Express Publishing. The stars of their own PBS shows said the recession has forced people to economize on what food they buy, by becoming more aware of using all their food and avoiding waste. Claudine says people are finding better ways to make leftovers more palitable and cooking more meals at home with local products. And in order to stay in business this is a tactic Claudine says more restaurant chefs should adopt.  read more »

Surveying the Restaurant Industry


Most people don't like risking their dinner on a restaurant where they've never been. So if you want your meal to be worth your money there's only one go to guide for everything edible.

The 2010 Zagat guide was just released and its pages are filled with everything you need to know about nearby eateries. From the best family restaurant to the best newcomer to the best bang for your buck the Zagat guide ranks restaurants on their food, cost, service and ambiance.  read more »

Restaurant Survival

In todays weak economy, consumers are cutting back on frills such as eating out. Not good news for restaurants hoping to fill their tables.

At the recent Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival sponsored by American Express I talked with Roy Yamaguchi, Head Chef and Founder of Roy's popular restaurant group about how he views the recession. Yamaguchi says its all about location.

"For us we have locations in a lot of different cities so some of the cities of course have taken a bigger hit than others. For instance in Honolulu our restaurants are still doing quite well but on Maui with the failure of two airlines and the lack of tourism on that island our business is tremendously down."  read more »

Recession Eating

jacques and claudine.jpg

The state of the economy has devastated many industries but what about food. Can the restaurant business survive this recession?

At last weeks Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival sponsored by American Express, French Chef and TV personality Jacques Pepin told me that while the food business is doing fine now it the time for more people to learn their way around a kitchen.

"I think the business of food is as great if not greater than it has ever been even with the recession. Actually it may be a catalyst for people to cook even their own stuff, or do a little gardening or cook at home and this is less expensive than any restuarant."

His daughter Claudine Pepin is also a chef and says one thing her father forgets is that business depends on talent.  read more »