A Low Altitude Connections


Flying the friendly skies could get a little more entertaining.

Earlier this week the Federal Aviation Administration announced it was going to explore ways for passengers to use electronic devices during take-offs and landings. The FAA says the first step is to gather all the key players; this includes airlines, aircraft manufacturers, electronics makers and flight attendant unions. Then the group will discuss how to test gadgets such as phones and laptops to see if they are safe for use during critical in-flight moments.  read more »

Booking Your Travel Upgrades


It’s the busiest and the most expensive time of the year to travel. Wouldn’t you like your money to go a little further?

These days airlines are charging for everything from luggage to pillows and hotels and rental cars aren’t offering money saving deal either. The days of easy up-grades and free perks are slim to none but Money Magazine may have a few tricks left for weary travelers.  read more »