finding a new job

Job Security


Think you're secure in your job; think again.

Even the most qualified and hardest working person at work is in danger of being shown the door. And in most cases it's their own actions that end with them packing a cardboard box. So to help you avoid an unfortunate turn of events MSN has put together a list of six things you can unknowingly do to derail your career; and chances are you're already guilty.

For example, number one on the list is a sudden stop to networking. Experts say knowing the right people within the four walls of your office isn't enough. Should the time come for you to find another job you're going to need a couple contacts. In some cases the people you know can prove more valuable than the things you know.  read more »

Bad Behavior


One big mistake can end your career; but a handful of minor mishaps won't help things either.

There are things you could be doing every day that are slowly killing your chance at keeping your nine to five. And they're not doing much for your hopes of a promotion or a raise either. To help you figure out whether or not you're sabotaging your own career MSN Money has put together a list of fifteen examples of bad behaviors to avoid.

First up is a failure to adapt to company behavior. Every office operates under its own social customs. Failing to adhere to these can alienate you to your co-workers and makes it hard to form any positive relationships.  read more »

Job Openings


New year, new job. But where should you start the search.

New year’s resolutions are easy to make but they’re not so easy to keep. But if you’re vowing on bringing in 2014 behind the desk at a new company there are a few out there looking to add to their payroll. And to help narrow it down has a list of 20 companies that are hiring right now.

First up is advanced resources. Jobs in industries that include office, clerical, accounting and human resources. The positions up for grabs include senior accountants, receptionists and web developers. And right now the area of the country looking to fill these spots is in the greater Chicago area.  read more »