find my iphone

Find My iPhone


The find my iPhone app is going from a security feature to a full on crime fighting tool.

This is the final weekend of the Coachella music festival held in Indio, California. With thousands of people converging on one spot the probability of a little trouble is likely but this year Apple helped solve one big problem.

Last weekend dozens of people began reporting that their phones were being stolen. So a couple of people started logging on to the “Find My iPhone App” and soon noticed that they were all being sent in the same direction. Right to a 36-year-old man from New York. The party goers then started following him around the grounds, watching him pick a few more pockets until police arrived and detained him.  read more »

Find Your Phone


There's an app for everything; but some of them might connect you with trouble.

The “find my iPhone app” allows you to track down your lifeline after you've left it behind or someone stole it. But now police are warning iPhone users to use it with caution because in some cases they're storming after stone cold criminals.

Police say people have tracked down their phones and then gone to the location completely unprepared. In some cases they have ended up in fights or in police custody after going after the wrong person. Police say your cell phone isn't worth your life. They say if you track down your phone and the person who stole it give them a call. They have Tasers, back-up and if necessary a gun to handle dangerous situations.  read more »