Federal Reserve

Bernanke's Book


It was the worst recession since the Great Depression; and now you’re getting the chance to re-live it.

Ben Bernanke; the former chairman of the Federal Reserve board has signed a book deal worth one million dollars. The story will cover his years on the board and his response to the economic crisis. This will be the first time Bernanke talks about his experience in the days of 2007 and 2008 as the world banking system began to collapse.  read more »

The Federal Reserve Gets Social


The world’s biggest economy has come to Twitter.

Earlier this week the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to try its hand at the social site in order to improve communications with the public. So it launched the twitter channel “@federalreserve” with the purpose of increasing the accessibility and availability of Federal Reserve board news.

But despite the jump into social media the reserve says its main website will still be its primary channel of communication. Any tweets will not go out until they have first been posted on the website. So far the fed’s first tweets have referred to the latest remarks from chairmen Ben Bernanke, the results of a mobile banking study and information on Bernanke’s upcoming lecture series.  read more »

Art Imitates Life

mortgage fraud cash.jpg

Want some free advice on how to deal with mortgage scams? Take in a movie.

The movie may be pure fantasy. But the message you may get before it starts will be all too real. In an attempt to help struggling homeowners being bombarded by clever criminals taking advantage of struggling homeowners by pitching a variety of mortgage scams, The Federal Reserve is placing advertisements amid movie previews before the main feature, telling people about the scams and how to avoid them.

Sandra Braunstein, Director of the Federal Reserve’s Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, says the purpose is to reach a different audience, get people’s attention and then direct them to a website with tips on how to avoid scams.  read more »

The Great Fed Opening


Quite honestly, I was shocked to see Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke show up as the lead story on “Sixty Minutes” Sunday night. And the interview was promoted by CBS as an “exclusive”.

Over the years all media outlets have so abused the term “exclusive” that the label no longer impresses viewers. In fact, it’s used so often that what one station bills as an “exclusive” pops up on the competition 5 minutes later.
But this time CBS has every reason to push their “exclusive”. And I have my own story to prove it.

When I was first doing interviews for my CBS News Radio reports back in the late 1980’s, I happen to be at a speech then Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was giving to a business group at a Washington, DC hotel.  read more »