False Advertising


No one appreciates false advertising; especially when you’re eating it.

The New Jersey based Butterfly Bakery has been shut down by federal authorities for ingredients it didn’t include in labels. The Food and Drug Administration says it found sugar in the bakery’s sugar free food and saturated fat in its fat free treats. In some cases the food had as much as three times the amount of sugar and two times the amount of saturated fat then necessary.

The bakery was closed late last week after a federal judge approved the order. The bakery advertised its products as being “made with 100% love” but now the relationship is over. The FDA says the bakery is a repeat offender, and the bakery isn’t denying it.  read more »

An Honest Policy


Sex sells; unless you’re in China.

China’s state food and drug administration is preparing to ban health supplement makers from naming their products after sex, God or eternal life. It says these terms are vulgar or linked with superstition and can no longer be used as a marketing tool. Other works making the black list include powerful, magical results, miraculous and extraordinary.  read more »

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