Cyber Security


The world of cyber space is getting its own police department.

Following the recent hackings into Sony, Anthem, Target and of course the U.S. government the Obama administration is taking action. Earlier this week it announced the creation of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center. Its job will be to connect the dots between various cyber threats to the country so that affected agencies are notified as quickly as possible and can take action.  read more »

Flying Saucers


Unidentified flying objects are hovering in public view.

In 2011 the FBI launched “The Vault;” an online electronic reading room for the agencies public documents. Recently some avid readers uncovered a document of particular interest and now it has been viewed more than one million times.

The item in question is a letter sent on March 22, 1950 from Washington DC field office chief Guy Hottel to then director J. Edgar Hoover. It describes a story about an air force investigator who reported the recovery of three flying saucers in New Mexico. The memo states that each flying saucer was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall. Each body was wrapped in a metallic cloth styled after military flight suits.  read more »

Federal Bureau of Inappropriate


Big brother is keeping a close eye on everything; including big brother.

Generally the FBI is leading any investigation that involves inappropriate online activity and excess surveillance. But this time the FBI is the target. According to an October 2012 quarterly the agency found an increase in sexting; sometimes done from office issued blackberry’s.

It says one employee was suspended for five days for sending sexually explicit messages to another employee on her work phone. Another employee was suspended for 10 days after she emailed a nude photo of herself to her ex-boyfriend’s wife. But the bad behavior doesn’t end there.  read more »

Twenty First Century Crime


While most criminals have gone cyber; some are still taking their cues from the days of gunshots and disguises.

On Monday eight masked robbers broke through a security fence at Brussels international airport and stole $50 million in diamonds from a plane. The FBI says they used fake police cars and wore uniform style clothing. It says the whole thing took under three minutes and was executed with military precision. It also says this is a dying business.

These days our financial institutions have bullet proof glass and cash boxes rigged with paint or glue. So to get around the added security measures criminals have turned to cyber space. Now they hack into systems, steal passwords and skim money from ATM’s. And the reward is far greater.  read more »

Inside the Spy World


Want to know how 007 did it? Here’s your chance to pull back the curtain.

“Spy: The Secret World of Espionage” exhibit is now open at New York’s discovery time square. It includes hundreds of artifacts from the top secret vaults of the FBI, CIA and National Reconnaissance Office. It’s also the first exhibit of its kind to be sanctioned by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Items include a WWII era collapsible motorcycle that could be dropped by parachute and deployed in ten seconds. There is also a German enigma machine used to create secret messages in a camel saddle. One of the first CIA agents to arrive in Afghanistan after 9/11 used it to keep tabs on bugging devices and surveillance equipment.  read more »